Walk your way to a fitter 2024 with the best Cyber Monday under-desk treadmill we've seen yet

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The best under-desk treadmills or walking pads are among the most popular fitness devices right now. These walking treadmills have a lower top speed and no incline function, but they're designed to operate (as the name suggests) under standing desks, or in living rooms while you watch TV, helping you to get more steps in throughout the day.

Right now, in the Cyber Monday deals, you can get the Bluefin Fitness Task 2.0, which usually retails at $499.99, for just $273.45 at Amazon. That's a huge 45% discount, almost half price. In our review, we rated it four out of five stars, dubbing it the best budget under-desk treadmill available right now. 

Check out the deal in full below. Not in the US? Scroll down to see the deals in your region. 

Grab the best Cyber Monday under-desk treadmill deal here:

Bluefin Fitness Task 2.0 under-desk treadmill:$499.99now $273.45 at Amazon

Bluefin Fitness Task 2.0 under-desk treadmill: was $499.99 now $273.45 at Amazon
Save 45% on what we already rated our best-value under-desk treadmill choice, making this an unbelievably great deal on an outstanding walking pad. We called it "a space-saving, budget-friendly walking treadmill" and recommended it in our review

Under-desk treadmill deals in your region:

Why get this Cyber Monday deal?

The Bluefin is an ideal space-saver, able to be easily stored behind a sofa or under a bed when not in use thanks to its slim profile. The belt is wide enough and the riser can flip up into "running mode", although you won't get much faster than a gentle jog, and, in our review, there was no saggy “squishiness” you get in some cheap treadmills: instead, despite the joint protection tech, it’s all satisfyingly firm and responsive. The safety key was responsive too, cutting the treadmill out in less than two seconds.

Walking is incredibly important, and so many of us see exercise as this big scary thing, that we forget it can be easy and pleasurable. This is the ideal low-impact, low-intensity cardio excuse-buster, as you can get your steps in while on work calls or watching Christmas movies.   

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