Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 9 spotted online, and it could be a Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 rival

Xiaomi Mi Band 8
(Image credit: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi could be gearing up to announce the next generation of its best fitness trackers, after a telecoms certification was spotted online. 

First reported by ITHome via Wareable, Xiaomi filed information referring to two different devices, numbered M2345B1 and M2346B1, to the State Radio Regulation of China. This is standard procedure when preparing to release a new device with any kind of communications technology, and we’ve caught wind of many new devices before launch via lists of this kind on government databases.

The filing hinted at two different versions of the fitness tracker, assumed to be the Mi Smart Band 9 and perhaps the Mi Smart Band 9 Pro. Just like the Mi Smart Band 8, which is currently being tested by a TechRadar writer, and the Mi Smart Band 8 Pro, Xiaomi could announce a new standard version of the Mi Smart Band 9 as well as an NFC-enabled ‘Pro’ version, allowing the user to make contactless payments from their wrist. However, nothing official has been announced just yet. 

Xiaomi recently revealed its Watch 2 Pro at MWC 2024, which is shaping up to be a true Pixel Watch rival at a very low price. Xiaomi is unlikely to be prepping a fully-fledged smartwatch so soon after its last launch, so it’s logical to suspect this is more likely to be a slimmer, cheaper fitness tracker. 

It will launch in China first, but with the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 not available for purchase in many regions – including the US and UK – Xiaomi could be seeing a gap in the market in those regions for a new high-quality, low-price fitness tracker. It’s just got to get past Fitbit.

Xiaomi Mi Band radio certification

(Image credit: ITHome)

Xiaomi Mi Band radio certification

(Image credit: ITHome)

Analysis: potential release date and features 

As we sit and wait for further announcements, let’s look at last year’s model: the Mi Smart Band 8 is Xiaomi’s latest model in the series equipped with a 1.62” AMOLED screen and detachable straps. It stood out from the Mi Band 7 due to its unique (for the series) pebble mode feature, where you can remove the wrist straps and fix the tracker to your shoes for a more advanced running experience. 

While we don’t know a lot about the Mi Smart Band 9 models, both are speculated to receive upgrades to the previous Mi Smart Band 8. From the recent rumors, it’s likely that the smart band will be set for a spring release in China before being rolled out globally later this year - similarly to its predecessor, which was launched in China in April 2023 ahead of a world-wide release in October 2023. 

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