Leaked benchmarks may mean Surface Laptop 6 and Surface Pro 10 coming soon

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The Surface Laptop 6 was a notable omission from the 2023 Microsoft Surface event, and there have been plenty of rumors recently around the next Surface Laptops – and now we have possible benchmark scores if a new leak is anything to go by.

A device thought to be the Surface Laptop 6, codenamed 'OEMML'), has shown up in a leaked Geekbench test, along with what appears to be another no-show laptop from that same event, the Surface Pro 10. According to the results reported by Windows Latest, the single-core result for the Laptop 6 is 1464 while the multi-core result is 8633. The processor tested was the Intel Core Ultra 5 135H which has 14 cores: four performance cores and 10 efficiency cores with clock speeds of 4.6GHz and 3.6GHz, respectively.

Meanwhile, the Surface Pro 10 (codenamed 'OEMHT') Geekbench single-core score is 1360 and its multi-core score is 7158. The processor running this laptop is the mid-range Core Ultra 5 135U with 12 cores: two high-performance cores and 10 efficiency cores that run up to 4.4GHz for the former and up to 3.6GHz for the latter.

The report also says the Surface Pro 10’s RAM is around 32GB, and that the Surface Laptop 6 could have the same amount. There’s a possibility that we’ll find out during the upcoming Microsoft March 21 event, so we’ll have to wait until then to know for sure.

The Surface laptops could be making a comeback

Though it’s not official information, the leaks sound pretty convincing, since we have exact benchmark scores and spec numbers for the processors. Plus, it was quite odd that the Surface Laptop 6 and Surface Pro 10 didn't appear in 2023, so a launch for these two models later soon would make sense.

Based on previous rumors, both the Surface Laptop 6 and Surface Pro 10 will apparently have a refreshed design to go along with their upgraded specs. They're also rumored to have either Intel Meteor Lake or customized Qualcomm Snapdragon X processors.

Considering that one of the biggest drawbacks of Microsoft’s Surface laptops is that the designs and specs hardly change with each refresh, the idea of the tech giant overhauling these laptops is a very appealing one – hopefully, that was the reason for their absence during the Surface Event 2023, as it would be understandable for a delay to happen in order to give Microsoft time to redesign it so thoroughly. 

Fingers crossed on that front.

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