These Black Friday keyboard deals are the only offers I’d lay a finger on this year

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As a writer and committed PC gamer, I can say with a certain degree of authority that one of the best upgrades you can make to your PC or laptop setup is investing in a new keyboard – and I've got the Black Friday deals for you!

Below, you'll find my pick of great keyboards for both typing and gaming that have had a big price cut for Black Friday.

Even if you use a laptop and its built-in keyboard, buying an additional keyboard is a good idea - as some laptop keyboards aren't particularly comfortable or satisfying to work on. So, read on for the best keyboard deals I've found this Black Friday.

Logitech MK470 keyboard + mouse combo: $50$39.99 at Amazon

Logitech MK470 keyboard + mouse combo: was $50 now $39.99 at Amazon
A very affordable keyboard and mouse combo from Logitech that is easy to throw in your bag or use at home. Logitech is a trusted brand when it comes to keyboards and computing accessories in general, and this is a great price for a wireless keyboard and mouse combo. You'll need a standard USB port for the wireless receiver.

Plugable Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard:$49.95$39.96 at Amazon

Plugable Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard: was $49.95 now $39.96 at Amazon
This keyboard is a versatile, full-size solution in a foldable and portable body. It's compatible with iPad, iPhones, Mac, Android, Windows, and Linux. With its tri-fold design, it expands to a full-size 11.5-inch keyboard and includes a USB-rechargeable battery that can last for weeks on a full charge. 

Logitech G413 TKL SE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: $69 $44 at Amazon

Logitech G413 TKL SE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: was $69 now $44 at Amazon
The Logitech G413 TKL SE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a wired device with backlit keys. As the name suggests, it has a tenkeyless form factor so there is no numeric pad, and that means it's got a compact design that makes it easy to fit on your desk, no matter how small it is. The keys are mechanical with tactile switches, which makes it a pleasure to write on, and at this new low price, it's a fantastic investment.

HyperX Alloy Origins 60:$99 $59 at Amazon

HyperX Alloy Origins 60: was $99 now $59 at Amazon
HyperX's mini 60 percent gaming keyboard is back down to its lowest price ever. This price is for the version with HyperX's "tactile" Aqua switches. At this size, you can easily fit it in a bag and carry it around with you.

Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Analog Gaming Keyboard: $149.99 $79.99 at Amazon

Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Analog Gaming Keyboard: was $149.99 now $79.99 at Amazon
Razer makes some brilliant keyboards, and this is one of our favorites. Its compact design will fit on pretty much any desktop, but it doesn't skimp on comfort and features. It comes with analog optical switches and supports programming two commands to a single key. Plus, it's almost half-price for Black Friday!

Razer Huntsman V2 TKL Gaming Quartz Keyboard: $159.99  $99.99 at Amazon

Razer Huntsman V2 TKL Gaming Quartz Keyboard: was $159.99 now $99.99 at Amazon
The Razer Huntsman V2 features linear optical switches and near-zero latency, making it perfect for gamers, and its compact design, which drops the numpad, makes this an ideal purchase for people with smaller desks. The $60 price cut is incredibly welcome, and we love the pink color, which really makes it stand out.

Logitech Folio Touch:$159$109 at Amazon

Logitech Folio Touch: was $159 now $109 at Amazon
A case, keyboard, and trackpad combo from Logitech for the iPad Air. It's cheaper than Apple's Magic Keyboard and gives you far more protection and a fabric finish. This is a great choice if you want to work on your iPad, turning Apple's popular tablet into a laptop-like device.

Razer Huntsman V2 Analog: $249.99 $149.99 at Amazon

Razer Huntsman V2 Analog: was $249.99 now $149.99 at Amazon
A truly stellar gaming keyboard with 'the most comfortable wrist rest we've ever used' (check out our review!), the Huntsman V2 Analog introduced the world to Razer's Analog Optical Switches, which offer an incredible degree of customization, including the ability to fine-tune the actuation point and input force of individual keys.

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