PS Vita price drop puts portable in your hands for $269.95

PS Vita price drop
Viva Vita with a new price

Sony announced a PS Vita price drop at its Gamescom press conference in Germany today, reducing the cost to $269.95 in Australia.

Before the drop, the Vita Wi-Fi + 3G cost $349 in Australia.

The company was previously rumoured to be announcing a cheap bundle for its portable system and PS4 for around US$500 (about £325 / AUD$557). But it looks like that tie-in won't happen right now.

Sony also announced that the price of its PlayStation Vita memory cards will be reduced "significantly." It has since revealed that in Australia, PSVita memory cards will start at $19.95 for 4GB, $26.95 for 8GB, $46.95 for 16GB and $84.95 for 32GB.

It sounds like Sony is once again putting its ear to the ground and listening to gamers' complaints that its pretty-much-required PS Vita memory cards are too expensive.

Price minded

We've know the PS4 would cost $549 in Australia since E3, but Sony stayed focused on value propositions during its Gamescom presentation.

For one, the company plans to offer "significantly discounted" upgrades for players who buy certain PS3 titles then decide to upgrade to a PS4 digital version. What's more, Sony confirmed that the 12GB PS3 Super Slim now costs $270.

Last, but not least (and not really price related), Sony announced it will offer a red and blue version of its DualShock 4 controller, but it hasn't yet been confirmed for Australian release yet. It's always good to add a little colour to one's life, though, right?

Matt Swider