$199 Apple Watch 3 deal at Walmart price matches Amazon Prime Day

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If you’re hunting online for an inexpensive smartwatch that’s still top quality, Walmart has several Apple Watch 3 deals for you in a clear bid to compete with the upcoming Amazon Prime Day 2021. You can also shop other discounts with our roundup of the best Walmart deals that are happening now.

Update: We've also found Apple Watch deals on Amazon, which we've included below - including one for the newest Apple Watch 4.

Right up front: most of these deals aren't for the latest and greatest Apple Watch 4, so prepare to miss out on a couple features (like the ECG reader). But you'll only pay half the new watch's price tag for a slightly-older but still formidable set of smartwatches. Given the uncertainty about whether we'll get an Apple Watch 5 this year, this veteran model is a reliable choice.

Best of all: the Apple Watch 3 will get the next big update later this year, watchOS 6,  which will add in its own App Store among other improvements. We're expecting it to be released later this year, and should be supported by future updates for years to come.

Keep in mind that these deals are also low-cost because they're packing the basic Sport Band rubberized wristband. If you want something fancier, these are still good deals - just pick up the nicer bands after checkout or elsewhere. 

Apple Watch 4


Apple Watch 4 GPS 44mm $429 $399 on Amazon
Sure, it's not the biggest savings on this page, but it's the best you'll see for the latest Apple smartwatch. The Apple Watch 4 packs an ECG meter, louder speaker and faster processor than its predecessor. FYI, this is for the larger 44mm model, which is best for big wrists.

Apple Watch 3

The first two Apple Watch 3 deals are for the standard Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS, which do everything from track steps to monitor heartbeats to forwarding calls and messages when synced up with your nearby phone. Just pick whether you’d like the 38mm or larger 42mm watch body size.

Apple Watch 3 GPS 38mm$279$199 on Walmart

Apple Watch 3 GPS 38mm $279 $199 on Walmart
Snag the most affordable (and smaller) GPS-packing Apple smartwatch here. Pick between a gray body/black band or stylish silver body/white band.

Apple Watch 3 GPS 42mm$309$229 on Walmart

Apple Watch 3 GPS 42mm $309 $229 on Walmart
For a slightly higher price, get the larger version of the Apple Watch 3 GPS, which is better-suited for bigger wrists. Otherwise, this watch is identical to the 38mm version.

The next two deals are for the GPS + Cellular versions, which unsurprisingly connect to LTE cell networks through carriers. In other words, you'll be able to leave your phone behind when you go out with the smartwatch on and still be able to make calls or use data.

Apple Watch 3 GPS + Cellular 38mm$379$299 on Walmart

Apple Watch 3 GPS + Cellular 38mm $379 $299 on Walmart
Want to make calls with your Apple Watch or just stream music on the go? Pick up the cellular version of the Apple Watch 3 - this one's for the smaller 38mm watch body.

Apple Watch 3 GPS + Cellular 42mm $409 on Walmart

Apple Watch 3 GPS + Cellular 42mm $409 $329 on Walmart
Exactly the same Apple Watch deal as above, but for the larger 42mm watch body - great for larger wrists.

We get it - you're an Amazon regular, and it's much faster to slide through the biggest online marketplace in the world. Here are the deals we've found so far for Apple Watches:


Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular, 38mm $379 $299 at Amazon
Save $80 on the Apple Watch Series 3 that comes in a silver aluminum case and a white sport band. The Series 3 watch includes GPS technology and a cellular plan. Also price matched by Walmart.

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