iPhone 6 with 4.9" screen reportedly roaming the testing grounds

And the iPhone 5C could see a display bump to boot

One of the biggest bits of speculation around the iPhone 6 is that it will feature a larger screen, and now word has surfaced Apple is actively testing such a spec'd phone.

According to a tip to C Technology (Google translation), Apple is putting a phone prototype with a 4.9-inch screen through the paces. There's nothing else to the report, and we recommend taking it with shots of salt, but the tip falls neatly in line with other iPhone 6 screen size rumors.

Reports have Apple working on next-gen phones with 4.7- and 5.5-inch displays, and last month we heard a 5-inch screen would land on a new iPhone in September 2014.

Clearly nothing is confirmed, but with all the smoke that's rising, it seems highly likely Apple is at least toying with the idea of bumping up its display size with the iPhone 5S' follow-up.

iPhone 5C to see a display boost too?

Surprise! The screen stuff doesn't stop there.

According to the same site, the iPhone 5C will also see its display enlarged at its next upgrade.

It's unknown just how much the iPhone 5C 2's display will grow, but if the tip proves true, it would come in higher than the current version's four inches.

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