HTC hits record sales in July

And looks to the cloud with new purchase

HTC made record sales in July, posting its highest ever monthly results of $1.56 billion (£957 million).

Sales of HTC products are up 83 per cent compared to July 2010, with its well-respected Android line-up proving as popular as ever.

The company has also branched out over the past year, with Windows Phone 7 handsets like the HTC 7 Pro, and its first tablet effort in the form of the HTC Flyer.

Head in the cloud

As well as celebrating its mammoth sales, HTC announced how it's going to spend some of its hard-earned profits: by acquiring Dashwire, a "mobile-web services platform".

After spending $18.5 million (£11 million) on the company, HTC will use Dashwire's expertise to bolster its cloud services, as well as strengthen its patent portfolio for the seemingly endless court battles with other manufacturers (particularly Apple).

HTC has promised that it has a host of new phones still to launch this year and, after countless record breaking result announcements already, it is no doubt looking forward to a very happy Christmas indeed.

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From Reuters via The Next Web


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