MSI to unveil touchscreen netbooks

The company plans to reveal products at CES next year

Those of you frustrated with prodding your netbook screen and watching it do nothing will be in for a late Christmas when MSI brings touchscreen-enabled netbooks.

Laptop Magazine has conducted an interview with Andy Tung from MSI and he revealed a few things that the Asian giants will be up to next year.

This includes the fact the company will be bringing up to seven new devices to CES 2009, including two touchscreen devices.

Touch my screen

Apparently one will be a 10-inch touchscreen, with a 16-inch screen bigger brother notebook packing the same tech.

However, the bad news on these devices is MSI will be waiting to garner some feedback on the devices, which could delay their release to 2010.

Among the other new models on display will be the U110 and U115 netbooks using the Intel Atom Z530 processor, and will be available in Q1 2009.

A new super-portable U300 model, which will be lovely and thin and light and all that, will also be unveiled, so laptop fans have got a lot to look forward to when TechRadar pounds the halls of CES 2009. Apparently Tung says people will be 'shocked'. Fingers crossed.


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