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Netflix gives iOS 7 users a stream dream with HD and AirPlay support

Netflix gives iOS 7 users a stream dream with HD support
Arrrghh! Kevin Spacey in high definition. Our eyes!

Netflix has added HD support for iPhone, iPad and iPod media-munchers running iOS 7.

The welcome version 5.0, launched today, also now includes support for AirPlay streaming straight to an Apple TV via Wi-Fi.

Simply pick a title to watch and start playing, and if there's an Apple TV device connected to the Wi-Fi you'll be greeted with an AirPlay icon. Press it and you're away.

Beam us up

Once you're beaming content over you can use your iOS device as a remote control, but you'll still be able to use other apps on your device while Airplay is in motion.

Last week Netflix added Super HD streams – higher than Full HD 1080 – for certain devices, including Apple TV.

Back in 2011 Netflix stated it had no plans for AirPlay support so this is great news for those of us who had completely given up hope.