Netflix spent the most on a single movie at this year's Sundance film festival

We’ve already seen that Netflix is spending more than many traditional TV broadcasters on its shows, but this year at Sundance it also took the title for the most money spent on a single film. 

The film in question was Mudbound, a film about post-WWII racial segregation in America which Netflix paid $12.5m for the rights to distribute. 

The streaming company will follow a similar format to its past film releases by releasing the film simultaneously across cinemas and its core streaming service. 

Oscar ambitions

After investing heavily in television shows, Netflix and Amazon now appear to be getting into movies.

Last year Amazon paid $10m for the rights to Manchester by the Sea, which has gone on to secure a nomination for Best Picture at this year’s Oscars as well as netting a healthy $40m in revenue.

It certainly seems as though the worlds of both TV and cinema are getting more diverse than ever before, with new streaming providers making some pretty intelligent bets about what will resonate with viewers.

It’s also a positive move that these providers are providing these films through their streaming platforms at the same time as their cinematic releases, especially for those of us that prefer to do our movie watching in the comfort of our own homes. 

Jon Porter

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