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eBay voucher code knocks 15% off all tech for today only - iPads, consoles, TVs and more

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Update: that's all folks, midnight has passed and the code's expired. We'll be sure to let you know when another rolls into town. All is not lost for this weekend though as we've roundup all the hottest May bank holiday sales and deals for you.

Original story follows:

Today's new eBay voucher code is a great chance to save some money on a huge range of electronics. You'll have to be quick though as the voucher code expires at midnight tonight.

While 10% and the occasional 15% off eBay voucher codes to appear quite often this one's something of a rarity as it's not tied to a select handful of retailers. And when those codes come around, they're not usually the best ones either. Today though the code can be used for any tech deal regardless of the retailer.

We've already spotted some fantastic bargains on the eBay pages from top tech merchants like Currys, Argos and If you miss out though, or don't find anything today, be sure to take a look at our coverage of the best Bank Holiday sales

There are cheap iPads, discounted Nintendo Switch bundles, ridiculously low Fire TV Sticks and more. We'll keep adding them below as we find them.

There are some minor caveats to consider with today's ebay voucher code, but nothing to stop you saving some big bucks on a range of electronics from a huge selection of professional online merchants.

eBay voucher code of the week

  • Voucher code: PLUGIN15
  • Minimum spend: £20
  • Maximum discount: £60
  • Expires: 23:59 May 24th 
  • Uses: Once per UK customer
  • Where: (opens in new tab)

So where do you start? We've added some highlight deals and sections below to take you through a range of categories to give you a head start if you have something specific in mind. Quick tip, if you want to work out the discounted price before you go through the checkout process, fire up the calculator app on your phone and times the price by 0.85 to see the sum you'll pay. Don't forget though, the maximum discount would be £60 as per the terms of the eBay deal.

eBay deal highlights

  • TV stands: finding the best TV stand to suit your living room cinema needs

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