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Best Amazon Prime TV shows (September 2019): the best series to watch this month

Best Amazon Prime TV shows US
Image Credit: Amazon
(Image credit: Amazon)

If you're looking for the best Amazon Prime shows, you've come to the right place! We've got our fingers on the pulse of Amazon's streaming service, keeping tabs on each and every new show Amazon adds to Prime Video. 

To that end we've scoured the service to assemble a list of our favorite shows on the service in every genre and have placed our results in this handy guide. 

  • September Update: Last month The Boys and Carnival Row hit the service with a vengeance, taking their place as two of the best shows we saw on Amazon Prime in 2019. September's programming lineup is a little more sparse with few new shows or highly anticipated new seasons coming to the service. That said, the silver lining here is that we'll at least get back Thursday Night Football, which resumes regular service on Thursday nights.

We have options for fans of thrillers, comedy lovers and those who enjoy nothing more than a fantasy police drama - plus special events like Thursday Night Football. There's a ton to watch on the service if you know where to look. 

So, what's the best Amazon TV show to get sucked into without regretting it by the end of season 2? Read our Prime Video recommendations to find out.

  • You'll need a Prime subscription to watch Amazon Prime Instant Video for free, and best of all, you can get a free 7-day trial of Amazon Prime Video
  • Plus, with Amazon Prime Day right around the corner (July 15-16) now's a great time to join the service - even if you're just joining to take advantage of the deals
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If you can only watch one...

A promo image for Good Omens

(Image credit: Amazon)

Good Omens

Good Omens is like the Stranger Things of Amazon Prime Video - it's a series that came out of nowhere and has swept us off our feet. Based off the book by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, Good Omens is an addictive, bonkers yet heart-warming tale about good and evil, friendship, demons, angels and a future-gazing witch. It also doesn't hurt that it's pretty British (in a good way) and has an all-star cast. 

The series can be binged in one weekend - or one sitting if you can't face waiting a whole night for the final few episodes. For the bibliophiles out there, the TV series brings a few fresh characters and twists to the story, but is also faithful enough to the book to give those who have been fans for nearly thirty years a real treat. 

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