How to watch the Twilight movies in order: chronological and release date

A promo shot for the Twilight movie of the three main characters, Edward, Bella and Jacob, staring solemnly at the camera.
Edward, Bella and Jacob find themselves in a love triangle in Twilight. (Image credit: Summit Entertainment)

To fully grasp the complex romance between Edward and Bella, it's essential you watch the Twilight movies in order. But we know navigating multi-film sagas can be daunting, which is why our guide is here to streamline the process for you.

There are five films in the Twilight series, based on four novels by Stephanie Meyer. They follow the story of Bella (Kristen Stewart) as she meets secret vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson). Their intense love story, set against a backdrop of feuding vampire clans and werewolf packs, captivated audiences worldwide, grossing over $3.4 billion at the box office.

If you're new to Twilight, you should know this guide contains some minor spoilers. We've kept them as minimal as possible to help you watch the Twilight movies in order without giving too much away. We'll also include where to watch Twilight in Australia, the UK and the US, where it's currently streaming on Hulu, one of the world's best streaming services

Twilight movies in release date order

A still from the movie Twilight in which Edward and Bella are in a dark forest with a lot of blue lighting. They look worried and pensive.

The Twilight movies explore the intense but forbidden love between vampire Edward and schoolgirl Bella. (Image credit: Summit Entertainment)

Do you want to know how to watch the Twilight movies in order by their release date? Luckily, doing so isn't as complicated as you might think. Read on to find out more:

  • Twilight (released in 2008) 
  • The Twilight Saga: New Moon (released in 2009)
  • The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (released in 2010)
  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (released in 2011)
  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (released in 2012) 

Twilight movies in chronological order

In a still from the Twilight movie, Jacob and Bella sit together at night.

Twilight's love story might focus on Edward and Bella, but it also explores Bella's friendship with Jacob. (Image credit: Summit)

Fortunately, there’s no real argument about the order in which you should watch the Twilight movies. They were released in chronological order and that’s the only way to watch them. 

Unlike the task of watching the Marvel or Star Wars movies in order, there’s no difference between release order and the film’s own timeline. Everything is very linear. 

The timeline for Twilight and the movies that follow is quite compressed. We meet Bella when she is 17 and the saga ends with Bella, now a mother and a vampire, at 19, the age she will remain for the rest of her life. 

Things might change if Midnight Sun, Stephenie Meyer’s 2020 novel that retells the events of Twilight from the perspective of Edward rather than Bella, becomes a movie. As things stand, there are no plans for that, and Stewart and Pattinson are too old to become teenagers again (unless there are a lot of visual effects put in place). 

Twilight movies ranked

Twilight characters Edward and Jacob look like they're about to fight outside of Bella's house in the Twilight movie.

Twilight explores the friction between Edward and Jacob and their warring families. (Image credit: Summit)

Below, we've ranked the Twilight movies in order based on their Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb user scores. Critics weren’t wild about the films, with the best of them only ranked at 49% and the lowest way down at 25%. Still, more than three billion dollars in the bank, we’re sure producers Lionsgate couldn’t give two hoots.

Rotten Tomatoes


Twilight movies: where to watch online

A still from the Twilight Saga of Edward and Bella in a forest leaning over a rock.

Twilight may begin with Edward as a vampire and Bella as a schoolgirl, but their relationship (and their lives) change in monumental ways throughout the saga. (Image credit: Summit Entertainment)

In Australia, the first movie, Twilight, is available on Foxtel Now, Stan and Starz. All of the other movies in the saga can be streamed on Binge, Foxtel Now and Stan.

In the US, you can watch the Twilight movies in order by streaming them on Hulu right now. 

In the UK things are a little more complicated. You can watch the first movie, Twilight, on Prime Video. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the other movies in the Twilight saga aren't available to stream in the UK. However, you can rent or buy them via Amazon's Prime Video or Apple TV+. Happy watching. 

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