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The best Apple Cyber Monday UK deals 2018

Apple Cyber Monday deals by category:

1. Apple's own deals
2. iPhone deals
3. Apple Watch deals
4. Audio deals
5. iPad deals
6. Macbook deals

Our editors search through thousands of Cyber Monday deals to unearth the best prices from the most trustworthy retailers. You can support us by clicking these independently selected links, as we may earn a commission on any purchase you make - but at no extra cost to you.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer you something that very few other times of the year can manage: discounts on Apple products. We're seeing there are some savings  to be had on Apple products throughout the retailers, but they're quite scarce - that's why we've rounded them all up for you here. 

Apple's own discounts are now live, but we'll be honest: these are unlikely to excite you, as they're all for gift cards.

That said, you can still pick up a pretty decent deal on Apple products, despite Black Friday having come and gone. You'll need to look outside of the official store - but luckily there's a lot going on for iPads, iPhone, Apple Watches and more.

You can argue whether Apple offers value for money all day long, but the main thing you're getting is sumptuous design and quality builds, meaning that while you are paying more, you are getting something in return.

One thing we're still not expecting to see many deals on this Cyber Monday is the new iPad Pro 11, simply because it's so new that some retailers might not even have stock in - so that's not worth looking for and we've seen nothing along those lines since the beginning of the discount weekend.

The iPad Pro 10.5, however, is already proving to be a more prosperous ground, as when we see a new shiny device then then the older models drop in cost - so that certainly makes sense.

We've scoured the web, but unfortunately for Watch fans you won't be able to get the new Apple Watch 4 for anything less than the retail price, as it stands.

We are seeing some great deals on the iPhone X, as it begins to go out of stock and some retailers create brilliant offers to give it a 'hero's sendoff'.

So let's get into the Cyber Monday deals on offer here - if you're looking for some Apple goodness, these are the best deals we've seen:

Apple Cyber Monday deals

Get a £40 Apple gift card with selected iPhones
This isn't a hugely exciting deal for the new iPhone buyer - it doesn't cover the new iPhone X / XS / XR range, so it's basically the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 variants you'll be looking at.View Deal

Get an £80 Apple gift card with selected iPads
At least you're getting more of a deal here in terms of how much extra you get: buy the iPad Pro 10.5, the iPad or the iPad Mini 4 and you'll qualify.View Deal

Get a £160 Apple gift card with selected MacBooks, iMacs and  Macs
Get the biggest gift card with the Mac and MacBook range, where you're getting twice as much to spend with Apple - although it's not the latest range from 2018.View Deal

Get a £40 Apple gift card with selected Apple Watch, HomePod, Apple TV and Beats headphones
You're getting the same discount on all of these products, with the HomePod being among the most current. It's the Apple Watch 3 on offer here, and a veritable smorgasbord of Beats headphones styles too.View Deal

iPhone deals

iPhone 8 64GB: £599 now £579 at Laptops Direct
This is the best deal we could find for a phone that's a year old - it's not sensational, by a long way, but at least there's some a saving here if you're hell bent on the phone.View Deal

iPhone 8 on Vodafone | £29.99 Upfront | Unlimited minutes and texts | 100GB data | £36pm
For just another £15 a month, though, you can get 100GB of data from Vodafone. Coupled with the fact the iPhone 8 is the perfect device for people that want a strong iPhone without the crazy prices of the newest phones and it's a strong deal. Total cost over 24 months is £893.99
View Deal

iPhone 7 32GB: £899 now £465 at Laptops Direct
The iPhone 7 is a popular buy these days, despite being an older model, and you can get it for nearly half the original price this Cyber Monday.View Deal

iPhone 7 with O2 | Free upfront | 16GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £30 per month
If you want to get in at the ground floor with the iPhone, this is the top pick for the 'old / new' iPhone. Our pick also combines it with loads and loads more data to prevent worry, and you're basically paying a little extra per month with O2 here on top of the cost of the phone for loads of data. Total cost over 24 months is £720View Deal

iPhone X 32GB: £749 now £734 at Laptops Direct
This may be the lowest 'deal' we've got during the Cyber Monday period, but you can save a tenner on the newest iPhone if you're going to buy it, by going through Laptops Direct.View Deal

iPhone XR from Affordable Mobiles | Vodafone | FREE upfront | 100GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £36pm + £45 cashback
Oh yes! This is the iPhone XR deal we've been waiting for. We really don't need to add much to the headline details. The bills are fair, the upfront cost has disappeared completely and the data allowance is HUGE. There isn't a better iPhone XR deal out there. Total cost over 24 months is £819 (after cashback)
View Deal

iPhone XR from Buymobiles | EE | FREE upfront | 50GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £48pm
This monumental 50GB tariff on the UK's fastest 4G network has been in our favour for a while now, but Buymobiles somehow just made it even better. Not only do you pay nothing upfront, but it will actually give you £24 back. Decent for sooooo much data. Total cost over 24 months is £1,152View Deal

iPhone XR 64GB: £749.99 now £719.99 at John Lewis
Apple's latest iPhone is on sale already despite only coming out last month, and at John Lewis you've got a solid £30 discount if you're looking to buy it outright.View Deal

iPhone XS from Mobile Phones Direct | EE | FREE Upfront | Unlimited minutes and texts | 60GB data | £58pm
Now we know this may still seem expensive, but this is by far the cheapest iPhone XS deal we've seen. There are no upfront fees and £58 a month is incredibly cheap for what is one of the most expensive phones on the market right now, not to mention you're getting a massive 60GB of data with it AND on the UK's fastest 4G network.  Total cost over 24 months is £1392
View Deal

£40 Currys PC World Gift Card | Carphone Warehouse | On  iPhone XR, XS, XS Max and X
iPhone's X series of phones are some of the best handsets out there right now and well worth getting your hands on if you can bear the massive price tag. Carphone Warehouse has sweetened the deal by offering a £40 Curry's PC World Gift Card when you buy an iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, X  from the retailer. View Deal

Apple Watch deals

Apple Watch 3 38mm: £279 now £249 at Very
Go for the smaller version of the Apple Watch 3 and you'll get this more demure option of the iWatch for one of the lowest prices we've seen on the web. Just make sure you're getting the correct model - this doesn't have LTE connectivity, and you'll be paying a lot more for that. This isn't the best deal we've seen over the sales period, and we hope to see this version of the watch back on sale at John Lewis for £219 over Cyber Monday.View Deal

Audio deals

Apple Airpods: £159 now £139 at BT
A much better price reduction this Cyber Monday period for Apple's wireless headphones, and many will be looking at the Airpods as a great option for a gift this year. This is the cheapest we've seen for Apple's wireless buds this year, so it's worth snapping up.View Deal

Apple HomePod: £319 now £279 at John Lewis
This is the cheapest we've seen Apple's smart speaker so far, with a £50 saving available for both grey and white versions of the high-performing audio device.View Deal

iPad deals

Apple iPad 9.7 (2018): £319 now £299 at John Lewis
It's rare to see any sort of discount on Apple products, so £20 off the latest iPad is somewhat of a coup. If you're looking for a great, all-round tablet experience, this is the slate you should buy.View Deal

iPad Pro 10.5 (2017): £619 now £569 at John Lewis
Saving £50 on an iPad is never to be sniffed at, but when it's last year's iPad Pro 10.5 even less so. It's the base model for 64GB, but it's still got reams of power and support for the Pencil, even if there is a newer, improved model out there.View Deal

iPad Pro 10.5 (2017) £619 £558 at Amazon
Saving over £80 on an iPad is never to be sniffed at, but when it's last year's iPad Pro 10.5 even less so. It's the base model for 64GB, but it's still got reams of power and support for the Pencil, even if there is a newer, improved model out there.View Deal

MacBook deals

Macbook Air (2017) Core i5 13.3-inch: £798 now £749 at John Lewis
If you don't need the very latest spec or model of MacBook from Apple, this lightweight laptop is the way to go. It's not got the greatest reduction we've seen, but for £749 it's at least got £49 off the more recent price.View Deal

Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch with Touch Bar £2,289.97 £1699.97 at Laptops Direct
This is a brilliant deal on a MacBook Pro that knocks £590 off the usual asking price. The 15-inch 2016 model comes with 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD and the Touch Bar as well. We'll be hard pushed to find a better deal on a MacBook this Cyber Monday.
View Deal

Macbook Air (2017) Core i5 13.3-inch: £798 now £749 at Currys
If you want the exact same laptop and don't want the two year guarantee you get with John Lewis, Currys is doing the same model for the same price.View Deal

How to get the best Apple deals on Cyber Monday

Apple hardly ever discounts its own gear, and especially not its latest and greatest gadgets, be that the iPhone XS or iPad Pro 10.5. It sometimes bundles in some extra App Store gift card credit with a purchase, but that's about as far as it goes from Apple directly.

That means you're going to have to diligently keep an eye on retail partners in order to get the best Apple deals this Cyber Monday. And, even when discounted, there's a premium to Apple products, so set that budget and stick to it – could you get a better, newer product in a similar category if you didn't buy Apple? Consider any Android or Windows rivals that may suit your price point better.

iPad Pro

Apply the same techniques to MacBook and iPhone deals too. What are you primarily going to use the MacBook for? Do you really need a chipset powerful enough for heavy video editing if that's not what you're going to be using it for? 

And is an iPhone in a Plus or Max sized configuration really necessary if you're already rocking a tablet everywhere you go? And what about smartwatches – does anyone, really, truly need one? Unless you're a fitness fanatic, probably not.

Remember that with the mobile products, you're not just buying the handset, but you're going to have to consider a data package to go with them. Before buying a SIM-free iPhone, check out all the options that retailers have on offer – they've been very competitive during this Cyber Monday period, and could save you lots of money in the long run if you bag a savvy phone-data-and-streaming-service combo deal.

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iPhone XS Max from Affordable Mobiles | Vodafone | £215.99 upfront | 32GB 80GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £37pm
We're saying it now, you won't get a better iPhone XS Max deal right now. Strong specs, a powerful camera and a beautiful feel and design. Although this is normally a pretty expensive phone, this is such a good deal that the £215.99 upfront fees really don't seem like that much.  Total cost over two years is £1079.99View Deal