Lenovo's new media tablet may buck modern design trends with thick chin

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New images have recently surfaced for Lenovo’s upcoming Tab Plus, a tablet sporting an unusually bulky design.

Well, it’s unusual for most tablets. Manufacturers tend to make their devices with slim profiles. Lenovo is apparently going the opposite route by equipping its model with a prominent “chin”. This causes the bottom half to be nearly double the size of the upper half. There is a good reason for the extra heft. Tech news site and source of the leak Windows Report believes the Tab Plus will be the successor to 2021’s Yoga Tab. That old model sat on a cylindrical stand that also housed its speakers, allowing it to serve as a solid entertainment device. They theorize the future tablet will function similarly and there are clues in the renders to back this up. 

Hardware features

The chin appears to house Dolby Atmos speakers indicating the Tab Plus will be able to output high-quality, immersive audio. We know it supports Dolby Atmos because you can see the logo of the brand printed prominently on the side. What’s interesting about the design is that the chin is a completely flat surface, unlike the Yoga Tab which was much rounder. Having a flatter back will make the tablet easier to carry around.

Windows Report goes on to say the Tab Plus sports a more modern design when seen from the front. It has a widescreen ending in rounded corners, surrounded by “fairly slim bezels”, and a webcam in the top-center of the display. If you weren’t looking at it from the side, you couldn’t tell the chin is even there. On the left side, you can see a USB-C input for charging. Over on the right side is supposedly a headphone jack, while on the top you’ll find volume buttons, two microphones, and an SD card slot in a row. Those last four features aren’t anywhere to be seen in the leak. The renders only show the Tab Plus from the front, back, and left side.

Potential accessories

Accessories may be packaged with the device at launch. It’ll come with a sleeve, Bluetooth keyboard, plus what looks like a rounder version of Lenovo’s Precision Pen. It’s hard to say if this is the Precision Pen or if the company is developing a new stylus. Regardless, it’ll pair nicely with the rear pop-out stand allowing users to turn the Tab Plus into a de-facto drawing tablet.

It’s unknown what kind of hardware or display will be running as specifications are not part of the leak. Windows Reports believes it could come equipped with a 2K resolution screen, “possibly an OLED” since the tablet has such a strong focus “on media consumption”. No info on how much it’ll cost although it’s expected to be competitively priced.

As with every leak, take it with a grain of salt. Things could change at the last minute. While we have you check out TechRadar's roundup of the best cheap tablets for 2024.

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