New iPad Pro and iPad Air tipped to land imminently in low-key launch – here’s what to expect

In-person images of the ipad Air 2022 in use
The iPad Air 2022 (Image credit: TechRadar)

Apple could be about to launch its first iPads in over a year, and when we say “about to,” we really mean it, with the announcement possibly planned for this week or next.

This theory is based on a couple of different leaks, one of which comes from MacRumors, which claims that “a proven source familiar with the matter” has said that Apple will announce new products on its site this week, unveiling them through press releases rather than dedicated events.

Now, they didn’t say which products these would be, but previous leaks have said to expect both the iPad Pro 2024 and the iPad Air 6 in March, so they’re obvious candidates – though notably there has also been talk of new Macs and new accessories launching soon, so any or all of those are possibilities too.

The other recent leak comes from Mark Gurman (who has a great track record for Apple leaks) in his latest Power On newsletter for Bloomberg that new iPad, new Apple Pencil, new Magic Keyboard, and new Mac products will be announced via press releases in the next few weeks.

However, Gurman added that a special version of iOS 17.4 with support for the new hardware is apparently scheduled for the end of the month, meaning any new iPads probably wouldn’t ship before late March to line up with that.

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That doesn’t mean they won’t be announced earlier though, and indeed posting on X, Gurman claimed that “retail stores are low on MacBook Airs and iPad Pros; Stores are planning a minor refresh for this week.” However, he added that this is likely an accessory (so perhaps a new Apple Pencil or Magic Keyboard).

Gurman doesn’t think we’ll be waiting too much longer for actual new iPads though, additionally saying that “stores are planning a larger refresh early next week (which sounds more product-related).” And of course, even if the stores don’t get stock until next week, that doesn’t rule out an announcement this week.

So there’s a high chance we’ll at least hear about the iPad Pro 2024 and the iPad Air 6 sometime between now and two weeks from now.

An OLED iPad Pro and a larger iPad Air

These updates should be worth the wait too, with previous leaks suggesting the iPad Pro 2024 could have an OLED screen, which would be a first for an iPad.

The iPad Pro 2024 might get revamped in other ways too, with talk of the front-facing camera being moved to one of the long edges, so it works better in landscape orientation, and the iPad Pro 2024 might also support wireless charging via MagSafe.

As for the iPad Air 6, that might come in a larger 12.9-inch size, making this the first time you’d be able to get a mid-range iPad that large. Though a smaller 10.9-inch model would reportedly also be available, and both would probably be more powerful than their predecessors, with talk of an M2 chipset.

None of this is confirmed just yet of course, but if the release date leaks above prove accurate then we’ll know all the official specs very soon.

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