Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans’ new Prime Video movie Red One is coming, but not until 2024

Red One
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Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans' new festive action comedy Red One is scheduled to be released on one of the best streaming services in 2024, but only after a Santa pause. The Christmas-themed movie is going to be sent to cinemas first, with its global theatrical debut scheduled for November 15, 2024. It'll then be available to stream on Prime Video during the holidays. 

The new Prime Video movie was initially planned for a holiday 2023 release but the SAG-AFTRA strike, which prevented the cast from promoting it, is likely to have been a key factor in pushing back its release date.

The November scheduling of course makes sense – few people are going to go to see a festive-themed movie in July – but it does mean we'll have to wait some time for a movie that early word is saying is very good and very entertaining. According to Deadline, "the movie has tested twice and scores are through the roof". 

Is The Red One going to be good?

Put it this way: Dwayne Johnson is so excited it looks like he's typing so hard he'll punch holes in his phone. Describing the movie on his Instagram account he said: "Our movie is a big, fun, action packed and fresh new take on Christmas. Think Jumanji meets Miracle on 34th St meets Hobbs & Shaw with a dash of Harry Potter and sprinkled on top with my all-time favorite Christmas movie, It's a Wonderful Live".

Amazon MGM Studios are excited too, because the film is being viewed as the first in a potentially big franchise with equally big merchandising opportunities. While the plot is currently being kept under wraps, Hiram Garcia – whose story provided the basis for the movie – told Deadline back in 2021 that it's "an epic, edge-of-your-seat action adventure that takes beloved holiday mythology and turns it on its head". 

The Red One will be released worldwide in November 2024.

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