George Clooney and Brad Pitt reunite in the trailer for hitman buddy comedy movie Wolfs – and it'll come to Apple TV Plus

Brad Pitt and George Clooney in WOLFS
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Wolfs, the new Apple and Sony movie featuring Brad Pitt and George Clooney, has had not just one trailer this week but two. After an enigmatic and mildly amusing teaser (see below), the proper trailer was released today (see further down this article) and it looks like the movie's going to be worth making a trip to the cinema for before it likely comes to Apple TV Plus.

Wolfs is coming to theaters on September 20, and in addition to the dream team of Pitt and Clooney the trailer also features Amy Ryan, who was magnificent in Apple's excellent and oddball Colin Farrell PI series Sugar. It's an action comedy that makes extensive use of the leads' considerable charm, and it looks like it'll be a lot of fun.

Wolfs movie: what we know so far

The premise for Wolfs is a fun one. Clooney plays a professional fixer who's been hired to cover up a very high-profile crime that appears to be a particularly horrible murder – but when he goes to work he discovers that a second fixer, played by Pitt, has also been hired for the very same job. Forced to work together or sacrifice their bounty, the two lone wolves soon find their night spiralling out of control in unexpected ways.

Directed by Jon Watts and with both leads producing, Wolfs was the subject of a bidding war due to its stellar cast: reuniting Clooney and Pitt is likely to mean box office gold. As with Apple's recent hit Argyle, it'll make its way into theaters first and then will stream globally on Apple TV Plus. The streaming date hasn't yet been confirmed though. 

In addition to directing the movie, Jon Watts is also the writer and producer and the cast also includes Never Have I Ever's Poorna Jagannathan and The Walking Dead's Austin Abrams. What we don't know so far is what those excellent actors will be doing, or much about the plot.

It's possible we'll see Pitt and Clooney reunite again after this movie: there's talk of a new Ocean's Eleven movie, with Clooney telling Uproxx that a script exists and "it's actually a great script". According to Clooney, it's so good that "we may end up doing another one," although as yet it's only a possibility rather than an actual movie.

Wolfs will be in cinemas on September 20 and will likely stream on Apple TV Plus shortly afterwards.

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