7 new movies and TV shows to stream on Netflix, Disney Plus, Max, and more this weekend (March 1)

A press image of Hiroyuki Sanada's Lord Toranaga in FX's Shogun TV show
Shōgun debuted this week on FX via Hulu in the US, as well as Disney Plus internationally. (Image credit: FX on Hulu)

Looking for something new and fun to stream this weekend? Well, you're in for a treat. There are lots – and we mean lots – of movies and TV shows to choose from this week, so much so that we had trouble condensing this list down to seven recommendations. That's before we even mention that Dune: Part Two– one of 2024's most anticipated new movies and Hollywood’s latest headline-grabbing blockbuster, is now playing in theaters and IMAX worldwide, too. 

At our count, there are 16 things we could have included this week, but our final picks include something for everyone to enjoy on the world's best streaming services over the next few days. From new Netflix movies of the sci-fi indie variety and barnstorming historical epics to DC superhero offerings and shocking crime documentaries, there's plenty to be entertained by.

Here are the seven best new movies and series to stream this weekend. Happy watching!

Spaceman (Netflix)

Adam Sandler has defied those who pigeon-holed him as nothing more than a comedy actor in recent years, with 2019's Netflix movie Uncut Gems (among other recent Sandler-starring movies) proving he's far more talented than anyone realized.

He'll hope his career continues on an upward trajectory with Spaceman, his fifth Netflix flick in the past 12 months. An adaptation of Jaroslav Kalfař's Spaceman of Bohemia novel, Sandler plays Jakub, a reluctant astronaut who bonds with a giant telepathic extraterrestrial spider (yes, you read that right) during an important mission to investigate an ancient, mysterious space dust cloud.

We weren't big fans of Spaceman, though it's an intriguing premise, with our reviewer calling it "a spiritless Netflix sci-fi movie that drifts aimlessly among the stars". Just don't expect to see it in our best Netflix movies guide any time soon.

Shōgun (Disney Plus/Hulu)

Game of Thrones meets Feudal Japan in Shōgun, a stunning, violent, and character-driven series that debuted on FX (via Hulu) in the US and Disney Plus internationally on Wednesday.

Heavily inspired by James Clavell's best-selling novel of the same name and based on real-life events, Shōgun follows three key individuals – Lord Yoshii Toranaga (Hiroyuki Sanada), John Blackthorne (Cosmo Jarvis), and Toda Mariko (Anna Sawai) – who become embroiled in a sweeping, bloody tug-of-war to become 16th-century Japan's new ruler. 

In our Shōgun review, we said FX's new big-budget show "is the kind of character-driven prestige TV that the aforementioned streamers are lacking in their show-based repertoires" and that it "succeeds in being a large-scale production with a riveting narrative". Expect to see it on our best Hulu shows and best Disney Plus shows lists shortly.

Shōgun's first two episodes are available now. New entries release weekly.

Napoleon (Apple TV Plus)

Over three months after its initial theatrical release, Napoleon has charged onto Apple TV Plus.

Ridley Scott's latest big-budget historical epic, which stars Joaquin Phoenix as the all-conquering French commander-turned-emperor, wasn't as well received as many hoped upon its original November 2023 launch. Indeed, Napoleon was met with mixed reviews from fans and critics alike ahead of its Apple TV Plus arrival, so it's unlikely to be the next entry you'll see on our best Apple TV Plus movies list.

Still, if you're a big fan of Phoenix and/or Scott's previous films – read our best Ridley Scott movies piece to see if you agree with our rankings – it's worth watching.

The Regime (Max)

Looking to plug the Succession-shaped hole in your life? This absurdist Max dramedy starring Kate Winslet might fill the void.

Set in a fictional world (not unlike our own, mind you) where a modern autocratic European superpower reigns supreme, Winslet portrays Elena Vernham, said regime's chancellor who finds her position under threat amid domestic turmoil.

A political satire that feels like it'll have plenty to say about the current sociopolitical climate, The Regime is a miniseries that seems likely to capture the mood of the cultural and diplomatic zeitgeist. One to add to our best Max shows guide? Potentially.

The Regime premieres on Max on Sunday, March 3. New episodes will be released weekly.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (Max)

The death knell was sounded on the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) last December when Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom swam into theaters. Now, less than two months after its original release, it's available to stream on Max.

That's right, one of February's final new Max movies is available for free (as long as you subscribe to the super streamer). Picking up events after 2018's Aquaman, it sees Jason Momoa's titular superhero enlist his imprisoned half-brother Orm to help thwart the returning Black Manta in unleashing an ancient malevolent force that'll spell disaster for the Earth's climate and human population.

As superhero movies go, Aquaman 2 is a serviceable flick. If, like us, you're non-plussed about its arrival on Max and are looking ahead to James Gunn's rebooted DC Cinematic Universe (DCU) instead, be sure to read our DCU Chapter One hub for all the latest news.

American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders (Netflix)

This week's documentary recommendation is another crime-based offering that'll leave you stunned by its numerous twists and turns.

American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders seeks to find the truth surrounding the mysterious death of journalist Danny Casolaro, who is believed to have been murdered by a secret organization dubbed 'The Octopus'. 

The syndicate – long been rumored to be behind many nefarious dealings, including political scandals and stolen spy software – is front and center of a new investigation conducted by researcher Christian Hansen. Don't be surprised if this tale of deceit, malfeasance, and other shocking revelations makes its way onto our best Netflix documentaries list.

American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders is available to stream in full now.

The Netflix Slam (Netflix)

Following the success of its Screen Actors Guild Awards and golf-based Netflix Cup events, the world's most popular streamer continues to build out its live event coverage with The Netflix Slam.

Multi-Grand Slam winner and tennis icon Rafael Nadal goes up against Carlos Alcaraz, the sport's new wonderkid and current World Number Two, in a one-off match that's sure to be a spicy affair. The contest will take place in Las Vegas, with Netflix viewers able to livestream the event wherever they are in the world.

Netflix's inaugural live tennis bout will kick off at 12:30 PM PST / 5:30 PM EST / 8:30 PM GMT on Sunday, March 3 (that's 6:30 AM AEST in Australia), so make sure you're stocked up on snacks before The Netflix Slam serves up a potential clash for the ages.

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