Fitbit Alta review

Fitbit's best-looking wearable to date is limited in scope

Fitbit Alta

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Fitbit's latest wearable can only be fairly compared to other fitness trackers in its price and feature range. Nevertheless, its fetching design will probably result in it being brought into discussions along with fashionable devices, like the Apple Watch range.

The Alta's closest competition though comes from the Fitbit Alta HR, a wearable with much the same design but that you'll pay a little more for and get a little more from - namely a heart rate monitor.

That makes it a more comprehensive fitness tool, but if all you need is a basic step tracker then it's overkill.

You might also want to consider the Huawei Band 2 Pro, a wearable that's packed full of features - including a heart rate monitor and GPS, yet comes in at a similar price to the Fitbit Alta.

However, some of its metrics aren't entirely accurate and its design isn't quite as nice.

Then there's our favorite cheap fitness tracker, the Moov Now. You sacrifice a screen here, but get highly accurate tracking for not just steps, but also swimming strokes, running impact and more, all wrapped up in an unusual, waterproof design. It's also if anything slightly cheaper than the Fitbit Alta.

Got a bigger budget? Then you could consider the Fitbit Charge 3. This is a much newer device from Fitbit and it has a chunkier design than the Alta, but that space is used to pack in a bigger screen, full waterproofing and a heart rate monitor, though there's still no onboard GPS.

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