Nexus 4 review

Impressive specs at an even more impressive price point

Google Nexus 4 review
Can the disco inspired Nexus 4 be top of the pops?

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In order to cash in fully on the success of the Nexus 4 Google has produced a small array of accessories for the handset, from wireless charging docks to a bumper case.

Nexus 4 Bumper


Google Nexus 4 bumper

The Nexus 4 Bumper offers the most basic level of protection for your shiny new, LG made handset - providing a tough plastic rim with a rubber finish allowing it to cling to your device.

Although there's no front or rear protection with this case, it does provide a lip around the display and disco ball back of the Nexus 4, elevating them away from the surface you place/drop it on.

Buttons come integrated into the case, so the power/lock key and volume rocker are still easy to hit.

The case measures 133.9 x 68.7 x 9.1 mm and weighs in at 20g, which means it will push the weight of your Nexus 4 up to 159g.

We feel the Nexus 4 Bumper is a little pricey for what you actually get and if you're on a tighter budget similar bumper cases can be found elsewhere for less.

Nexus 4 Wireless Charger

$59.99 (around £40/AU$58)

Google Nexus 4 wireless charger

Unfortunately the Nexus 4 Wireless Charger is currently only available in the US and Canada, so if you're residing in another part of the world you'll find it tricky to get hold of one of these.

It's doesn't come cheaper either, although the orb shaped charging station does follow a similar pricing structure of Nokia's own wireless charging matt, which comes in at $49/£43.

Google reckons the Nexus 4 will take around 4 hours to charge via this wireless method, which uses the Qi inductive charging method.

Wireless charging is a nice idea, although we're not convinced it's worth the price premium considering you get a wired charger in the box for no extra cost.

Nexus 4 Wired Headset with Microphone


Google Nexus 4 headphones

The days when every phone came bundled with crappy hands free headphones and mircophone combo are long gone, with more and more manufacturers shying away from offering these sort of extras in the box.

In case of the Nexus 4 there's no sign of any headphones, so you'll need to provide your own if you want to listen to some tunes or make a call without holding the phone.

Of course Google would love you to purchase the official Nexus 4 wired headset with microphone, so it matches your phone - but you may opt for your own pair instead.

While there may be a lack of metal on the handset itself, the Nexus 4 headphones boast aluminium backs (wow-wee), while the in-ear buds are rubberised for comfort and grip.

We all hate putting headphones in our pockets, all nicely wrapped up, only to pull them out and find they've inexcusably tangled themselves into a billion knots - luckily these headphones have "tangle-free wire", which will apparently go some way to solving this crime against humanity.