Nexus 4 review

Impressive specs at an even more impressive price point

Google Nexus 4 review
Can the disco inspired Nexus 4 be top of the pops?

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Google Nexus 4 apps 3

Maps is super exciting – even more so when you compare it to what's happening with the Apple debacle.

Google has spent years perfecting this offering and is almost as famous for its mapping these days as it is for search and email.

We can't emphasise enough just how fond we are of Google Maps. Not only is it a great mapping piece of code, but it links into Navigation which gives you a full, free, GPS satnav solution complete with traffic reports and satellite view in your pocket.

And there's no catch. Because the GPS locks on really, really quickly thanks to the GLONASS support. Whatsmore, Google Maps lets you save huge chunks of areas for offline viewing. It really is top notch and world class. We love it.


Since you're getting a 'pure' Google experience, you're also getting a suite of pure Google apps. We're talking some really useful ones like Gmail, YouTube, Google Earth and Play Store.

Google Nexus 4 apps 2

We're also excited to see Currents which is a news aggregator app and downloads issues of your favourite newspapers and magazines every morning.

We've loved using this on the Nexus 7 tablet and it translates just as well onto the Nexus 4 smartphone.

As you'd imagine, Google has kept things simple here. Clearly, it believes less is more.

So rather than shoving a load of bloatware on there, it just gives you the basics that make the experience top notch and then leaves you to download any more that you want from its Play Store.

Google Nexus 4 apps 4

Perhaps the best Google app though, is the Play Store – because it allows you to expand your portfolio with even more apps to enhance your life.

Android has spent a long time playing catch-up with Apple but now claims to sit at the same number of apps. Despite all of the banter between the two operating systems, they tend to have the same apps.

It is rare you'll find one in Apple's App Store yet no equivalent on Android or vice versa. And Android's apps tend to typically be a little edgier. Because there are fewer limitations on what they're allowed to do, developers will be a little more daring.

For entertainment nuts, there is access to both Google Play movies and Play Books. Our unit came with several book samples pre-loaded.

We're unsure if it'll ever beat a Kindle though for the simple reason that too much of looking at a backlit screen can tire the eyes, no matter how great the display.