Battery Life

The Intuition comes with a non-removable 2080 mAh Li-Polymer battery, which promises 15 hours of usage time. That must either be just making phone calls or listening to music you've already downloaded, because we didn't get nearly close to 15 hours during our time with the device. Watching two hours of Netflix over 4G nearly killed the battery, and a few hours of browsing the web and using Google's Navigation extensively also took the bar into the red.

LG Intuition 4G LTE

With Wi-Fi and 4G off, you can stretch the battery life considerably, probably enough to make a coast-to-coast flight while watching video or playing games, but since you can't pop open the back and slip in a fresh one, it's hard to bank on it. Charging time was fairly fast using the include charging cable and adapter, although charging over USB through a computer was much slower.


The Intuition is a Swiss-Army knife of connectivity options, serving up just about everything current technology has to offer. The Wi-Fi flavors are 802.11 b/g/n, and LTE, and EVDO for over the air data. There's also built-in GPS, Bluetooth, and NFC options, as well as Android Beam and SmartShare DLNA options for data transfer. You can also tether the device to share the 4G connection, or turn the device into a 4G data hotspot that supports up to 10 connected devices.

LG Intuition 4G LTE

Plugging the phone into a computer will bring up the Android File Transfer application, if you have it installed, and you can easily drag and drop content to the device, using the generous 32GB of onboard memory. Although the Intuition doesn't support any sort of removable memory, so keep an eye on what you have available before you fill it to the brim accidentally.