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LG Intuition 4G LTE review

LG jumps into the 'phablet' game

LG Intuition 4G LTE
LG jumps into the 'phablet' game

Our Verdict

Size isn't everything, although the LG Intuition certainly wants you to think it is.


  • Replaces multiple devices
  • Great looking screen
  • Packed with good Apps
  • Lightning fast 4G LTE


  • Awkward to use as a phone
  • Text fields aren't always centered
  • Screen is 4:3
  • No removable battery
  • Short battery life

LG's much-maligned Intuition "phablet" has been taking a beating over its design and form factor. Granted, it's hard to ignore that contribution to this device, because when you whip it out of your pocket, it literally does become the 800-pound gorilla in the room. While not particularly bulky in thickness, the sheer width and length of this nearly 6-inch by 4-inch device had people asking "Is that the iPad Mini?," which hasn't even been announced or confirmed by Apple yet.

LG Intuition 4G LTE

So yes, it's a big boy. But it fits just fine in our pants and jacket pockets, and once you get over the comical "I'm a tiny person!" feeling when you hold it up to your head for the first few phone calls, the size argument shrinks away, pun intended.

In fact, once you pair the device with your car or a headset via Bluetooth, you won't even have to hold it up to your ear, saving you from ridicule. We didn't find it too unwieldy, but users with smaller digits might grapple with using it one-handed.

LG Intuition 4G LTE

The device itself is sleek and not busy looking with multiple tones and colors. There's an even black glossy finish around the screen which contains the capacitive-touch Back, Home, Recent App, and Menu keys, with a textured plastic back and aluminum tops and bottoms. The left edge is completely bare except for the pop off sim card cover, with the right side only containing a volume rocker switch.

The bottom has a single pinhole microphone, and the top is the most active, with a headphone port, another microphone pinhole, a QuickMemo button, a miniUSB port with a slider cover, and a power button. Corning's Gorilla Glass tops everything off, providing some protection against scratches and scrapes.