Video quality was also not up to snuff. The optics in the phone are also not exactly competitive with other phones, and videos in 1280x720 HD mode tended to look choppy, slightly pixelated, and often with dropped frames.

Light changes

The DoublePlay did switch reasonably well between an indoor lamp, outside scene, and then back to indoor lighting without too much fading and color changes.

This typical outdoor scene, one of many we shot, is too choppy, as though the video was losing frames. The colors were accurate, though, and looked well lit.

Indoor video

Indoor videos did not exactly pop in terms of color vibrancy, but at least they looked better than the more choppy videos in an outdoor scene. Note the focus problem at a midpoint on the video.

Like the still photo mode, there are few Scene Modes – only a handful for outdoor, sunlight, and night. That means you can't specifically set the video mode for things like a macro scene or candles at a birthday party like you can with a full pocket digital camera.