Overclockers 8Pack Asteroid review

An incredible gaming PC with stonking design – and a daunting price

Overclockers 8Pack Asteroid
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The Overclockers 8Pack Asteroid is a monster of a PC – ironic, considering its tiny dimensions.

The design is stunning, from the acrylic case to the custom water-cooling and the consistent theme, and the components don't let the side down. Their custom overclocks and ample specifications scythe through any game in any situation, and it does all of that while remaining impressively quiet.

We liked

The Asteroid has world-class design, but this machine isn't just about looking good. The water-cooling system does an excellent job at chilling the overclocked silicon, and the Asteroid has broad connectivity. The motherboard has loads of features, and storage is good too.

Its benchmark results impress beyond games, too. The overclocked processor won't balk at any task, the storage is quick, and there's plenty of memory.

Overclockers has also thought about details beyond the PC itself. That flight case is sturdy enough to protect this PC during transit, and the moulded foam inside has recesses for accessories.

We disliked

There's very little to dislike about the Asteroid. The price will be the main sticking point, but anyone considering this system knows what they're getting into – for them, it won't be a surprise, and its incredible design and performance justify the cost.

Elsewhere, there are only tiny quibbles. The mini-ITX form factor doesn't allow much upgrade room, and the lack of space means there's no room for M.2 storage. And, finally, I would have preferred some wheels on the flight case. The Asteroid isn't light.

Final verdict

The Asteroid is one of the best PCs I've ever seen. It's a small and impeccably-designed rig with enough power to cope with any gaming scenario, from 4K and demanding graphics options to widescreen and VR. And that's not the end of its talents, either – it's got huge CPU power, good storage and fast memory.

The stunning design and huge power don't come cheap, but anyone looking at a system like this will be aware that the water-cooling, overclocking and custom case-building will always cost – and they'll be able to justify that cost because of the skill required to build this machine alongside the admiring glances it'll draw.

It's an expensive, niche product, but it's also one of the best gaming PCs on the planet.

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