Samsung SyncMaster LD220 review

Samsung's laptop-centric monitor is a good performer

Samsung SyncMaster LD220
The SyncMaster LD220 is designed for use with a laptop and unusually it uses USB for the digital signal

TechRadar Verdict

Although this monitor lacks a true digital interface it makes up for it by using USB ports and the pictures are almost top-notch


  • +

    Nice screen

  • +

    Good 'laptop' design

  • +

    Simple features

  • +

    USB screen connection


  • -

    Colours can be over-vibrant

  • -

    No digital interface

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Samsung's LapFit range of monitors is targeted directly at laptop and netbook users, and are lighter and smaller than the average monitor. The SyncMaster LD220 sits at the top of the range and features a 21.5-inch screen.

In keeping with its aspirations to appeal to laptop users, it lacks the swivelling base found on most monitors, instead featuring a pull-out stand and rubber feet. The result is neat, and more portable than most displays, although it also means the screen sits lower on your desk, making it less ideal from an ergonomic standpoint.

As with all Samsung monitors, you'll find a high-gloss black finish to the plastics, and build quality is impressive. The sleek design runs through to the menu buttons – backlit touch-sensitive items that disappear from sight when not in use. While the ultra-shiny finish is a magnet for fingerprints, a soft cloth is included to safely clean it with.

The lack of an HDMI input will disappoint some users, but at this price it's difficult to complain. Instead, you can hook up the monitor via an analogue VGA port. Those wanting a digital interface will be able to connect using USB and a further two USB ports are on the rear of the display. You can also connect up to six LapFit monitors together, for full multi-screen use.

Colour reproduction is good, with deep blacks and accurate dark colours. Brighter hues occasionally appear over-saturated, however, and slightly unnatural. The screen really comes into its own during movie playback, as the 16:9 aspect ratio is ideal for widescreen films, and the 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution renders crisp images.

Overall, the SyncMaster LD220 impresses. Simple in features, it's not the cheapest of devices, but if you're after a monitor to accompany your laptop or netbook it's a stylish and able choice.

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