Nikon D7100 review

Superseded by the D7200 but still on sale, the Nikon D7100 now looks a good value buy

Nikon D7100 review
The Nikon D7100 is a weather-sealed DSLR

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As usual we ran the D7100 through our suite of lab tests, checking its resolution, dynamic range and signal to noise ratio. But we've now collated the lab results from its chief rivals so that you can see how its performance compares with cameras which have come along since:

Nikon D7200: It's the D7100's replacement, but how much difference is there in the outright picture quality?

Canon 760D: Canon's latest enthusiast DSLR has a brand new sensor which matches the D7100's resolution, though it does have a regular anti-aliasing filter.

Pentax K-S2: Pentax may not be one of the biggest names in the DSLR market these days, but it's still in the game and the K-S2 is a decent, modern DSLR with lots to offer.

Nikon D7100 review

We use a standard ISO imaging test chart to check camera resolution (above). This shows the camera's resolution in line widths/picture height, the standard measurement used today. We shoot this chart across a wide ISO range and analyse both JPEG and raw images to arrive at the final figures.

Nikon D7100 resolution charts

Nikon D7100 lab tests

JPEG resolution analysis: The D7100 produces very similar levels of resolution to the Canon 760D and Pentax K-S2, a very good performance for a camera launched in 2013. Nikon seems to have found something a little extra for the D7200, though, because although the sensor resolution is the same, the JPEG images it produces are visibly sharper.

Nikon D7100 lab tests

Raw (converted to TIFF) resolution analysis: This pattern is broadly repeated with raw files, although here the results from the D7100 lag a little behind the rest. But while the differences may be apparent in the charts, they would be difficult to spot in real life comparisons.

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