Here’s when your Samsung Galaxy S23 or Galaxy Z Flip 5 will get Galaxy AI

How to make custom wallpapers on the Samsung Galaxy S24 using Galaxy AI wide
Galaxy AI on a Samsung Galaxy S24 (Image credit: Future | Alex Walker-Todd)

We’ve known for a while that some older Samsung devices would get access to Galaxy AI sooner or later, and we now know how soon, as Samsung has revealed that it will start rolling out One UI 6.1 with Galaxy AI from the end of March.

This update will be coming to the Samsung Galaxy S23 series (including the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE), the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series. Sadly, the Samsung Galaxy S22 won’t be getting Galaxy AI, at least for now.

That said, Samsung claims to want to bring Galaxy AI to over 100 million Samsung users this year, so it’s clear that more phones will be getting it too – though perhaps only yet-to-be-released handsets like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6.

In any case, the wording of this announcement makes it sound like some of the devices above will probably have to wait until April or perhaps even later to get Galaxy AI, it’s just that some devices in some regions will get it in late March. If we had to guess, we’d think the Galaxy S23 series would be first in line, as these rank among Samsung’s most popular phones.

From Live Translate to Generative Edit

This latest announcement also details the specific AI features that these devices will be getting, including Chat Assist, allowing you to translate messages and adjust the tone, Live Translate, which delivers voice and text translations for phone calls, and Interpreter, which provides text translations for live conversations.

There’s also Circle to Search, which lets you circle part of an image on your screen to trigger a Google search for what’s in it. There’s also Note Assist to generate summaries and translate notes, and Browsing Assist to summarize news articles, while Transcript Assist can also transcribe, summarize, and translate recordings.

If you’re more interested in the creative side of AI, then with the One UI 6.1 update you’ll benefit from Generative Edit, which can resize, reposition, and realign objects in photos, and there’s Instant Slow-mo, allowing you to generate additional frames for slow-motion videos. You’ll also be able to generate AI wallpapers.

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