Google is teasing a new 'minty fresh' color for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro

The Google Pixel 8 Pro with a minty fresh paint job
Google is hinting at a new Pixel 8 color (Image credit: Google)

If you've liked what you've read in our Google Pixel 8 review, but haven't yet bought the phone, you'll get a new reason to do so later in the month: Google is teasing a new "minty fresh" color for either the Pixel 8 or the Pixel 8 Pro, or both.

There's now a countdown on the Google Store (via Android Authority) that mentions the new color, together with an animation showing a blue Pixel 8 Pro being covered in swishes of virtual pale green paint.

The text on the image says "Google Pixel 8", though the phone itself (as shown by the camera setup and the blue color) is clearly a Pixel 8 Pro – so we're not quite sure which model will get a new minty fresh color. Perhaps it'll be both of them.

What we do know is that the countdown ends on Thursday, January 25 at 12.01am PT – that's 03.01am ET, 08.01am if you're in the UK, and 7.01pm AEDT in Australia, though it's not immediately apparent if the new color will be available everywhere.

Color us interested

Right now you can pick up the Pixel 8 in Hazel (dark gray), Obsidian (black), and Rose (pale pink), and the Pixel 8 Pro in Bay (pale blue), Obsidian (black), and Porcelain (light gray) – three colors for each, with only one common shade.

We wouldn't expect anything else about these phones to change when the new color arrives, although there might also be a new official case to go along with the fresh lick of paint. Keep your eyes on the Google Store for details.

Adding a new color to the range is clearly a relatively easy way for manufacturers to drum up some more interest in handset sales. The Pixel 8 phones were unveiled back at the end of October 2023, so that's almost three months ago.

You might remember that Apple has previously launched a yellow version of the iPhone 14 long after it originally went on sale, while the Samsung Galaxy S22 got a new Bora Purple color option half way through its lifespan.

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