I keep stealing my boyfriend's Waterpik so I'm buying my own this Black Friday

Waterpik Sonic Fusion 2.0
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There are many wonderful things about being in a relationship, but the first one that springs to your mind probably isn’t playing with new gadgets.

For me, that’s been one of the most exciting parts about sharing my life with somebody else: I get to try all of their cool stuff, and they get to try mine, so I know what to pick up in the Black Friday deals. Of all of the wonderful things that my boyfriend has introduced me to, one stands tall above the crowd; the Waterpik. 

Waterpik devices are rechargeable handheld water flossers that produce jet streams that pull water from a reservoir to blitz your teeth, reducing plaque and clearing out any food stuck between them. They work in harmony with the best electric toothbrushes to ensure optimal oral health with less wasteful devices.

I’ll admit, I was dubious at first, but after using the Waterpik just once I was hooked, and I’m willing to bet anyone who is particular about dental health – or has a penchant for popcorn and other teeth-clogging foods – will be too.That's why we've included some in our lists of the best Black Friday electric toothbrush deals.

It makes a flossing difference  

As my colleague, our Fitness and Wellbeing Editor Matt Evans, recently discovered, the science checks out for the Waterpik, but that’s not necessarily enough for me sometimes. It’s all about how it feels.

That’s what really sold me on the Waterpik to begin with. There’s a palpable difference between how my mouth feels after water flossing versus regular flossing - it feels very fresh and there’s no pain.

The Waterpik also made me realize how much is hiding between my pearly whites - my teeth rarely feel noticeably different after a floss, and it’s not often I’ll see signs of stowaway food bits being cleared out. That’s what makes the Waterpik so immensely satisfying to use. You can feel food debris being dislodged from between your teeth, and whether or not I’m a sick freak for enjoying it so much is a different question. 

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser Professional For Teeth

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 Time goes by so slowly for those who floss

If the mouthfeel wasn’t enough of a driver, the time spent should be. If you know your dental hygiene guidelines, you’ll know teeth should be flossed at least once a day. Is that a quota I or many people meet? For the sake of my shame, I hope not. 

As well as being a real annoyance of a task, flossing can eat up your time - it takes me roughly three minutes, and if you wear braces it can take even longer. 

It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t so darn fiddly - or if it didn’t use so much single-use plastic - which is why the Waterpik also won me over. 

Generally, I only need to use the Waterpik for a minute, a maximum of two, to feel its full effects, and it’s wonderfully easy to control once you get used to it - though you may have a few water jet incidents before you reach this point. 

I'm hoping for a Waterpik-me-up

Waterpik devices typically go on sale for Black Friday, so I’ve got my eyes peeled ready. We’re seeing a few deals in the UK already, like the Waterpik Cordless Plus, which was £59.99, and is now £39.99 at Amazon, and the Waterpik Ultra Plus Water Flosser which was £74.99, now £49.99 at Amazon.

In the US, the Waterpik Cordless Advanced is down to $79.99 from $99.99 at Amazon, and there’s up to 30% off the Waterpik Aquarius at Amazon.

If you're shopping in Australia, Amazon has the Waterpik Corldless Advanced down to just AU$105 from AU$220, while the bulkier, with water-tank Waterpik Ultra Profession is AU$140 from AU$242.

Whether you choose to join me in the Waterpik fanclub or opt to spend your savings elsewhere in this year’s sale season, make sure to check out our live coverage including all the top picks for the best Black Friday deals. Now, at least, my boyfriend gets his Waterpik back at last.

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