After checking out the science, I'm buying a Waterpik flosser on Amazon today

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser Professional For Teeth
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Some of the most popular gadgets in Amazon's Prime Day early access sales are electric toothbrushes and other oral care gizmos. They often range from reasonable entry-level prices to seriously expensive smart handsets with AI-powered brushing aids, multiple modes and brush-replacement subscription plans. Like other home gadgets, price reductions this time of year are common. 

But as well as the best electric toothbrushes, water flossers are also becoming increasingly popular buys. These devices are used, like disposable dental floss, to remove excess particles of food from between your teeth, before the food begins to decay and spread harmful bacteria. 

However, rather than you buying plastic cases and spools of string that will eventually end up in landfill, water flossers squirt thin jets of water between your teeth at high pressures to dislodge those particles. They’re reusable, rechargeable and are attached to a large reservoir by a cord like a tiny hosepipe, so you’ll get plenty of uses out of it before needing to fill it up again. 

The most popular water flosser on Amazon, the Waterpik Aquarius, is currently on sale at better than half price in the US, from a pricey $99.99 down 55% to just $44.99. Check out the deal in full below:


Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser | $99.99 now $45.99 at Amazon
Save 55% - Forget disposable floss: blast bits of food away with jets of pressurized water. The enhanced pressure with 10 settings includes massage mode for gum stimulation, plus a built-in timer and pacer. Nine out of ten dentists (of course) allegedly recommend.

It’s not only better for the environment but better for your teeth as well. Researchers from the Journal of Clinical Dentistry set out to examine whether a Waterpik actually reduced plaque as well as a manual floss, splitting seventy adults into two groups and testing their plaque levels. 

After they were tested, one group used the Waterpik, and the other used waxed string floss. Both the Waterpik and manual floss were tested alongside a two-minute clean by a manual toothbrush, and then both groups were tested again.

The researchers found “the [water flosser] group had a 74.4% reduction in whole mouth plaque and 81.6% for approximal plaque compared to 57.7% and 63.4% for the [string floss] group.” The Waterpik was found to be around 15-20% more effective at targeting plaque than string floss. 

In addition, if you’re like me and frequently forget to floss, it helps to have a visual reminder handy. Storing your Waterpik, which you paid good money for, next to your electric toothbrush means you’re more likely to use it in the morning, rather than rummaging around for a little spool of floss. It’s why I’m bagging one for better-than-half-price in the Amazon sale, which ends tomorrow. 

Looking at toothbrushes rather than flossers? Watch your wallet, as not all discounts are as good as they seem. And while you're checking out which deals are worth your time, our experts are combing through the early access Prime Day discounts live to find out which are hot (and which are definitely not).

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