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Built NY Charger bag review

Keep all your chargers and cables in one place with this handy bag

Hardly essential, but useful all the same

Our Verdict

It's a handy solution for frequent travellers, but for most of us it's just not worth investing in


  • Useful
  • Strong build


  • Few will be able to justify spending cash on this odd item

If you need to carry power cables and chargers around with your laptop, you'll know how cumbersome and untidy they can get.

This neat carry case from Built NY is designed specifically to take the stress out of such cables.

The neoprene case is thick and rugged and comes with a zip and carrying handle, so when it isn't holding your cables it packs away neat and flat.

Secure storage

The case itself is made up of six compartments of differing sizes that can hold a variety of chargers and leads. However, as they are all roughly the same size, you may find they won't fit some of the larger power bricks on the market.

The Charger bag isn't necessarily most essential of gadgets, but it does help keep your portable kit in order, making it more suited to the regular traveller than the occasional user.