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Free laptops at Carphone Warehouse with AOL

The offer follows on from PC World's deal with Orange unveiled two days ago

Following on from PC World's offer of a free laptop with an Orange Broadband sub, Carphone Warehouse has jumped on the bandwagon with a deal involving a subscription to AOL Broadband .

Carphone's website says the Dell Inspiron laptop is worth "over £500" and the deal involves a fee of £19.99 per month. The offer isn't yet available, but you can pre-register for it on the site.

The only problematic small print is a laptop delivery charge (£15) and the obligation of a 24 month contract - it's the same for the PC World offer.

The laptop on offer has a Celeron processor, 1GB of RAM, 80GB hard drive and runs Microsoft's Windows Vista Home Basic.

Such offerings are sure to become more common as the surge to mop up the remainder of the broadband market continues. But these deals do beg the question - could we start seeing similar offers for mobile phone contracts soon?

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