You'll have to fight me to separate me from these Razer sunglasses this summer

Razer Anzu smart glasses with polarized sunglass lenses against a vivid blue background.
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'Smart glasses' are still kind of a weird thing to buy, I know. But Razer's Anzu specs are perhaps the best ones I've seen, and I've been using my pair for over a year now. Don't laugh: they're genuinely useful, with swappable polarizing and blue-light reduction lenses, depending on whether I'm going on sunny dog walks or staring at my PC.

Amazon Prime Day is in full swing right now, with loads of Razer hardware on sale if you want to buy a less strange piece of Razer kit (my personal recommendations include the Kraken headset and the ridiculously cheap DeathAdder v2 Mini mouse). 

But honestly? I love the Anzu shades, and they're a whopping 75% off in the US right now. They're also discounted in the UK, but not by much, but if you're in the UK and have Prime membership you can get this deal and pay a few dollars for shipping, and you're still getting a bargain.

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Today's best Prime Day Razer Anzu deals

Razer Anzu Smart Glasses: was $199.99, now $49.99 at Amazon

Razer Anzu Smart Glasses: was $199.99, now $49.99 at Amazon
Does anybody need these? Hell no, but we love them, and they're a whopping 75% off right now. If you've ever wished your polarized sunglasses could make phone calls or play music, these are the frames for you.

It's frankly hilarious to me that at one point, you could buy the Razer Anzu shades bundled with a 24-pack of Monster Energy on Amazon – although perhaps I shouldn't be surprised, given Razer's reputation as a gaming brand that is known to border on cringeworthy at times.

Still, these are a dope pair of shades. I want to listen to music and sometimes take calls when walking, but I also want to hear my surroundings; with more and more electric cars on the roads, it's becoming a frequent occurrence that a Tesla manages to sneak up on me. And since the Razer Anzu smart glasses don't use earbuds, but instead play audio from two tiny speakers that sit just above your ears, they're ideal.

The blue-light lenses are pretty nifty too. I spent most of 2021 enduring chemotherapy, and while I've now kicked cancer to the curb I've been left with lingering headaches if I stare at a screen for too long. Blue-light reduction, though? Works a treat. I can slap these bad boys on and enjoy a raid or two in Destiny without getting a migraine, and the fact that they can link to my phone for Discord voice chat is just an added bonus.

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