You still can't edit tweets but “Undo Send” could be the next best thing you need on Twitter

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For years Twitter users have been rooting for an edit button to help edit out the silly grammatical errors or those missed apostrophes or whatever. While Twitter is still adamant about not bringing the feature yet, however, it looks like the social media platform is offering users a chance of correcting their mistakes by adding a new feature called “Undo Send.”

This feature that is still being tested does exactly what it is being called and gives users a few seconds extra to stop the tweet from being published.

Spotted by app researcher, Jane Manchun Wong, the new feature is expected to come with a counter that will let you cancel the tweet in case you’ve made a typo or something that was not supposed to be shared at all. This feature is similar to what you see on Gmail where users get a few seconds extra to un-send the email.

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Though if you look at it, the time at hand is pretty less to be able to identify the error in the post you’ve made and allow you to change your mind from publishing it. With that being said, the animation shared by Jane shows that the “Undo Send” animation doesn’t let you recheck the content of the tweet. Hence, it’s a pretty odd feature as you won’t be able to see what mistake you’ve made in the tweet.

In a related piece of news, Twitter is rumoured to be working on a subscription model and “Undo Send” could be a part of this new premium tier apart from a couple of other features like the ability to customize profiles slightly more than regular users.

Recently, Twitter introduced Twitter Spaces for iOS and Android allowing users to participate in audio-only chats rooms. While iOS users can create and join these chat rooms, Android users can join these rooms but can’t create a new one yet.

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