You could soon be playing PC games from this bizarre-looking egg pod

Cooler Master ORB X gaming chair
(Image credit: Cooler Master)

PC gaming is a popular hobby right now, given many of us have been stuck at home for the last year or so, and the ongoing success of esports and platforms like Twitch means it's likely not going away any time soon. 

While many of us enjoy cramming our rigs full of RGB lighting and other fancy components, Cooler Master's latest product unveiling proves you really can overdo things.

The ORB X is a domed semi-enclosed workstation that can support up to three 27-inch monitors or a single 49-inch ultrawide. While it doesn't fully encapsulate the user, it allows enough privacy for you to work with some peace and comfort, though we imagine if you decided to set this up in a communal office you'd probably get more unwanted attention, rather than being left alone.

Cooler Master ORB X in a dark room

(Image credit: Cooler Master)

What a yolk

As we know you're all probably queueing up to play games in a giant egg, so you'll be pleased to know it looks like it'll be available in either black or white to match the aesthetic of your gaming room. Jokes aside, while its design is a little questionable, there have been some interesting gaming chairs circulating of late that integrate your desk and monitors into the furniture.

A popular concept design from Razer known as Project Brooklyn was a big talking point during CES 2021, suggesting the future of gaming may see these cockpit-style chairs becoming more readily available and in demand.

A few other features expected for the ORB X are a hidden compartment located on the back to conceal your PC rig, a wireless charging pad located on the desk, and built-in RGB lighting along every edge of the chair. There's also surround sound speakers in the chassis of the ORB X that help with the immersive gaming experience, so you can nestle into the ergonomic chair and enjoy your favorite games as they were intended to be played. In an egg.

The entire thing is also motorized so you can lift and lower the roof of the chassis to allow for easy access. It's certainly a unique take on gaming cockpits but if you can get past the strange shape then this looks like it would be a genuinely interesting piece of gaming furniture, particularly if it allows for HOTAS controllers or racing wheels and pedals.

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