You can now use Garmin Pay on the Vivoactive 3

Garmin Pay is now available on the Vivoactive 3 allowing you to make contactless payments while you're out exercising without your cards or your phone.

The service is powered by a white-label payment platform called FitPay that allows you to attach your Mastercard or Visa to the service and then use NFC inside the watch to pay on contactless terminals.

Whether you'll be able to use Garmin Pay on your Vivoactive 3 is a different question though - you'll have to look at the list of supporting banks here. Only some cards will be able to support it and so far it's just available in the US, Australia and a few other countries.

When the service will be launching in the UK is unclear, but we've asked Garmin for news of a start date.

Sweaty payments

The Vivoactive 3 has an NFC chip inside that allows you to make the payments, much like you can with Android Pay or Apple Pay. At the moment there aren't any other Garmin devices that support the service.

We can likely expect future wearables from the company to support the tech, but so far there has yet to be any rumors about new devices from the firm.

The rollout of this feature comes soon after the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch brought its own payment solution that works in a very similar way too.

We've yet to finish our full review of the Vivoactive 3, but we had positive thoughts about it so we'd recommend checking out our hands on Vivoactive 3 review.

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