You can now skip Netflix intros on your Chromecast


Some Netflix shows have intro sequences that are works of art, carefully constructed montages set to beautiful music, with visuals that make your eyes water. Other Netflix shows have intros that you're itching to skip within the first few seconds.

Well, Netflix just made binge-watching your favorite shows a little bit easier on a Chromecast – you can now skip the intro on a lot of shows to get straight to the main meat of an episode. A skip button has shown up on the controller screen for the Android app, according to reports.

You've been able to skip intros for a while if you're watching Netflix on the web or inside an app, so it makes sense that the feature would eventually roll out to Chromecast as well. As yet it doesn't appear to have shown up in the Netflix app for iOS.

Give it a go

This is something users have spotted rather than something that's been officially announced by Netflix, so we don't have any more details than that – it's unlikely but not impossible that this is a small-scale trial run of the feature for the time being.

Update your Netflix app to the latest version on your phone and beam a show over to a Chromecast to see if the option is available for you yet: once a new episode starts, you should see a Skip Intro button underneath the other playback controls on the app.

New features continue to get pushed out to Netflix all the time of course, and many don't get an official announcement attached. Most recently, the mobile app for Android got an update to enable HDR playback on new phones from Huawei and Sony.

Via Android Police

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