You can finally play Amazon Luna on Android phones. Well, a few of them

Amazon Luna devices
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The big launch of Amazon Luna, Amazon's new game streaming service, was marred by its limited availability: it was only launched in early access, only to people living in the US, and the only smartphones supported were iPhones. Well, the availability has widened a bit, so some Android users can now game.

In a new video posted on Twitter, Amazon confirmed Luna will now work on selected OnePlus, Samsung and Google Pixel phones. We've shared the full list on the right so you can see if your device is supported.

This list is not very comprehensive, so many Android users will find themselves still unable to use Amazon Luna. The slow rollout is likely so Amazon can keep an eye on servers and prevent the service from getting overloaded.

Of course, you still have to be in the US to try Amazon Luna, so to many people the game streaming service is still a distant dream. Instead, those cloud gaming fans will have to stick to GeForce Now or Google Stadia.

It's curious, then, that the OnePlus Nord supports Amazon Luna, seeing as how that wasn't actually launched in the US. There are a few weird omissions too like the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 line, the standard Google Pixel 4, and the OnePlus 8T.

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Everyone else, still waiting

We're still waiting for Amazon Luna to roll out to... well, most of the people wanting to play it. That includes people outside the US, and users of other Android phones.

There are likely benefits to Amazon Luna's slow rollout though, as it lets the company test the service on a limited user base before making it widely available. So hopefully when the game streaming service has a full launch, it'll work well.

There's no word on when that full Amazon Luna release date is yet, and the company tends to take its time in early access.

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