Xiaomi 12 charging speed could be faster than Mi 11 but slower than expected

Xiaomi 11T Pro
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Xiaomi is one of those companies which is always embracing faster and faster phone charging, but it seems in the Xiaomi 12 it's not going to use its top-end powering solution.

This comes from reliable leaker Digital Chat Station who, posting on Chinese social media platform Weibo, stated that the upcoming Xiaomi phone will have a 4,500mAh battery and 67W charging.

That battery size is what we'd expect from the phone, as 4,500mAh is roughly average for a premium flagship phone, but it's the charging speed that surprised us.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 supported 55W charging, so the Xiaomi 12's 67W powering would be a step up from that, but the Xiaomi 11T Pro which launched after the Mi 11 bumped that up to 120W, and other rumors suggested the 12-series phone would keep that spec.

All of these charging speeds are fast, and the difference between 67W and 120W will result in only about 15 minutes difference when you're powering a device from empty to full. But some people, especially those on tight schedules or who frequently forget to power a device until they're about to step out the door, could appreciate these differences.

Analysis: why might Xiaomi use 67W instead of 120W?

If Xiaomi did use 67W powering for the Mi 12, it would be a surprise, but a rather understandable one.

As we've said, the difference between 67W and 120W isn't huge from a user experience perspective, and when phone manufacturers use faster powering solutions, it often requires a smaller battery to be used to save space.

Plus, fast charging can damage a battery over the long run. With the Mi 11T Pro, Xiaomi touted software and hardware solutions which reduced the effect of this battery degradation, but it's likely simply 'not using as fast charging' would result in better battery longevity.

This news is just a rumor for now, and we can't say for sure if the Xiaomi 12 will use 67W, 120W or a different speed of charging. But if the company does stick with the slower 67W, there are reasons for it.

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