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Welcome to issue 5's content

So, you have a copy of tech. on the iPad but the editorial journey doesn't stop there. You may have noticed the many fantastic quotes we have in the issue. well now you can read the whole articles that we referenced. Below is a list of content section by section. Enjoy.

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Year in mobile

Chris Ziegler, The Verge

With the iPad Mini on the way, how is the Nexus 7 doing?

John C Abell, Reuters

With Maps, Apple's lost

Sascha Segan, PCmag

Will pundits kill Windows Phone 8?

Ben Woods, ZD Net

EE's 3G pricing: Fast data for those with money to burn

Year in computing

Ed Bott - ZDnet

What do normal people think of new Windows 8 PCs?

Seth Rosenblatt, CNet

Chrome OS matures, but it's not a Jedi-level operating system yet

Anand Lal Shimpi, AnandTech

The Ivy Bridge Preview: Core i7 3770K Tested

Jeremy Laird, TechRadar

Why ARM CPUs look set to end the x86 computing era

Broole Crothers, CNet

Beware the allure of Apple's Retina Displays

Year in home entertainment

Sean Hollister, The Verge

4K is now 'Ultra High-Definition,' according to the Consumer Electronics Association

Steve May - TechRadar

LG: a mass market for OLED TVs is years off

Steve May - The Register

2012: an epoch-defining year for home entertainment

A Blu Black Friday

Erik Gruenwedel, Chris Tribbey, John Latchem, Thomas K. Arnold - Home Media Magazine

Gary Marshall, TechRadar

LoveFilm vs Netflix: which is best for you?

Sean Buckley, Engadget

PlayStation Vita review

Tom Hoggins

Nintendo 3DS XL review

Jaff Bakalar - CNet

Sony shrinks down new PS3

Tom Parsons, Stuff

Nintendo Wii U Review

Samsung vs Apple

Lindsey Turrentine, CNet

Galaxy S3 beats iPhone 5 for best device of 2012

Luke Peters, T3

iPhone 5 review

Andrew Ku, Tom's Hardware

Does Samsung's New Galaxy Tab 10.1 Measure Up?

Gareth Beavis, TechRadar

iPad mini review

Enrique Gutierrez


Apple Victory Shifts Power Balance

John Ellett, Forbes

3 Reasons Samsung's Latest Advertising Poking Apple Is So Smart

Todd Wasserman, Mashable

Samsung Is the Breakthrough Brand of 2012

Best reads of the year

Mat Honan, Wired

How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking

Taylor Clark, The Atlantic

The Most Dangerous Gamer

Drew Wilson - Zeropaid:

What Filesharing Studies Really Say – Conclusions and Links

Cyrus Farivar, Ars Technica

Win Amp: how the greatest MP3 player undid itself

Maria Bustillos, The Verge

Everyone shoots first: reality in the age of Instagram

Inflame: best of 2012


SOPA is Baaaaack!

The Verge

UK Judge says Galaxy Tab does not infringe on the iPad, design 'not as cool'


Tim Cook Apologizes For Maps Mess

What is Windows Phone 7.8

Michael Rougeau, TechRadar

Alas, Nokia says no Windows Phone 7.8 for Lumias until 2013

Tim Steven, Engadget

Lumia 900 owner vents Windows Phone 8 frustrations, Stephen Elop respond

Windows Phone 7.8 FAQ: What you need to know

Stuart Miles, Pocket-lint

What's new in Windows Phone 7.8?

Mat Smith, Engadget

Nokia reiterates: Windows Phone 7.8 update not arriving on Lumia devices until 2013

Alex Heath - Cult of Mac

Does Microsoft's New Windows Phone 8 Have What It Takes To Compete With iPhone?

Things to watch, buy and do

Danny Brogan, Pocket-lint

Jarre Aeroskull docking speaker really is shaped like a skull

Michael Rundle, Huffington Post

Nasa's Black Marble: Australian Bushfires Revealed In Sensational Photographs

Shane Richmond - Telegraph

iPad app: The Orchestra review

Julie P - Fun Educational Apps

Sherlock Holmes for the iPad: Classic Stories Presented in Dramatic Digital Format

Jared Nelson - Touch Arcade

Out Now: 'Middle Manager of Justice', 'You Don't Know Jack', and 'The Room Pocket'

Kim Newman - Empire


John Bedford - Modojo

The Snowman and The Snowdog (iPad) Review