One more thing: today's other news

One more thing: today's other news
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Welcome to TechRadar's daily instalment of tech tidbits – our mini round-up of articles that have been plucked from the 555 million sites that make up this thing called the internet.

Well, we say 555 million – because of those crazy kids at Anonymous it's meant that there were a few sites we just couldn't visit today, so we can only apologise if the FBI homepage had some cracking news on it that we have missed.

Below you will find technology news that's made us laugh and cry in equal measure. If you're not as emotional as us, then you may just find the following links quite interesting…

Kindle Fire - It turns out that Amazon needs to add more kindling to its Fire as sales of the company's tablet-cum-ereader dipped a massive 50 per cent after the Christmas period. Maybe they need a Fire sale? [Electronista]

Posh phone incoming - The LG Prada phone has been picked up by a number of bling-loving networks, including Orange and Vodafone. Expect a D-list celebrity to be papped with the stylish handset in the coming months. [Mobile Choice]

Samsung trademarks - Samsung has decided that it really likes the words Joy and Fresh and has trademarked them for potential phones in the future. Yes, we groaned too but anything is better than the Sony Kumquat. [BGR]

iPad 3 screen - In news which needs to be taken with a pinch of salt (and, because it's Friday, a shot of tequila and slice of lime), eagle-eyed reporters have spotted what they think is the new iPad 3 screen resolution in the iBooks 2 icon. [SlashGear]

Google eyes start-up - Google seems to be showing a lot of interest in Pinterest, a photo-sharing start-up. Maybe when it buys the company it will do a Pinter-esque video to celebrate the deal. Well, the least it can do is give it pause for thought. [TechCrunch]

Windows Phone popularity - Could it be that Windows Phone will be more popular than iOS by 2015? An analyst firm seems to think this is the case and definitely hasn't come up with this statement just to get a bit of press. [T3]

Megaupload goodies - If the owners of Megaupload being busted by the feds wasn't big enough news, the world also got a glimpse of their lifestyle and the goods they bought with copyright-infringed cash. You've got to love their gumption for having the word 'hacker' as a number plate. [TechCrunch]

Sega Dreamcast - In an alternate reality, none of us would be playing MW3 on a PS3 or Xbox 360 but on the Sega Dreamcast 2 – and to give you an idea of what this would be like, here's a picture of the console. [Kotaku]

Soul Calibur - Classic fighting game Soul Calibur has finally landed on iOS, which is something to get very excited about. Well, it would be if it didn't cost around eight quid and that's with a discount. Sheesh. [The Verge]

Apple enters Harrods - Apple is now in one of the most famous stores in the world. No, not Primark nor M&M World, but Harrods. If you can get past the throng of tourists then this could well be another place to look at Apple's lovely shiny adult toys. [T3]

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