Sony smartphone 2012 line-up leaked

Sony smartphone 2012 line-up leaked
The Sony Pepper then, eh?

Sony's attempts to make it as a smartphone brand may have started well with the Xperia S, but the forthcoming year's models have been leaked ahead of time already.

The Nypon, Pepper and Kumquat are all set for an MWC debut, according to their April release date - with the Nypon taking the title of most expensive model of the three.

That model has actually been benchmarked in the wild already, according to NenaMark2, which showed the phone performing with a score of 24.50 compared to the 30.70 for the Xperia S.

Pepper sprayed

The phone is also apparently working with a 1GHz processor, but we'd expect that to be a dual core option when it lands in our hands... benchmarks can sometime spew out odd specs.

Wait, what's this? The Sony Pepper has been snapped and benchmarked too? Coming with a 3.7-inch, 854 x 480 resolution display with a single-core 1GHz processor too (apparently) the phone scored 47.80 on the test.

There's more to be seen too - September's releases look the most promising, with the Sony Mint seemingly coming packed with some next-gen technology, thanks to the €500-plus price tag.

Sony line up


Otherwise, the Hayabusa and Olive could be worth a look among the other oddly-codenamed devices... let's wait and see what Barcelona throws out to confirm if the handsets really are coming.

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