One More Thing: Microsoft has a new logo

One More Thing: Microsoft has a new logo
Don't know about you, but we've got chills

Newsflash - Stop the presses, a company has a new picture next to its name which is written in a new font. And there's more about this than you'll ever need to know at the source. [Microsoft]

Likeable - Facebook processes 2.5 million pieces of content each day: that's over 500TB of data. There are 2.7 billion likes liked every day and 300 million photos uploaded too. Basically, Facebook is big. [SlashGear]

OMG SongPop - 25 million people have now played SongPop and 4 million still do every day. Basically, SongPop is quite big. Probably about time for Zynga to sweep in and kill it then, no? [PR Newswire]

Lost - Twitter isn't messing about. Having taken its friend-finding abilities away from Instagram, it has now cut Tumblr off too. Poor Tumblr isn't happy, with its statement expressing "dismay" and "disappointment" and that the situation is "upsetting" like it's a real break-up. Ice cream's in the post, Tumblr. [TNW]

Have to be Inuit to win it – Google has decided it is bored of filming the streets like some backstreet voyeur and has now set its sights on capturing near isolation in the Arctic. Armed with a trike (should have been an ar(c)tic lorry) and a camera, it recently sent one of it Googlers to Cambridge Bay, a small Inuit hamlet in Nunavut, Canada. The place is so remote that you can only get to it by air or, in a few months when the images are uploaded, a mouse click or two. [The Verge]


Fantasy quest – An unreleased version of the NES game Final Fantasy II has landed on eBay for the eye-watering price of $50,000. The reason the cartridge is priced so high is because it never saw the light of day, as it was scrapped in favour of a 16-bit SNES version. Yeah, it's a rubbish reason but we're sure some rich person somewhere is ringing PayPal to prepare for one helluvah payout. [Guardian]

4Goodness sake – Everything Everywhere must be a happy place to be at the moment, what with the company now being kings of 4G. But, when it comes to proposed logos for its 4G bounty, the result is not nice. In fact, it is horrible. A reverted @ sign is never something we want to see again – it's a bit like when your dad does gangster signs. Not cool. [Next Web]


App-rehend those pesky pirates – The FBI (an initialisation we can never write without saying it out loud in a Keanu Reeves voice) is clamping down on dodgy app pirates, seizing three domains that are guilty of distributing apps in an illegal way. The FBI believes these sites are the equivalent of getting your DVDs from a dodgy man in the pub. Kind of. [Ars technica]

Channel hopper – If Apple TV is really going to re-invent the, er, TV then it needs some killer features. Features like the ability to never watch an advert again, which is great in theory but we're sure the networks aren't going to be happy with Tim Cook and co if this rumour turns out to be true. [Gizmodo]

Gamebook - Nintendo has always been the friendliest of the console makers, but now it looks as though it wants to take that one step further by creating its own Facebook-like social network for gamers, known as the Miiverse. Sounds just crazy enough to become a big deal. Remember Farmville? Remember the Wii? Twilight? Bieber, for sobbing out loud? None of these things are good enough to be wildly successful, and yet… [Kotaku]

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