One More Thing: Dark days ahead for the Samsung Galaxy S3

One More Thing: dark days ahead for the Samsung Galaxy S3
Got to be a fake - the Tube police wouldn't stand for this

Paint it black – If Samsung didn't have enough problems telling courts that its smartphones are NOTHING like Apple's, the company is all set to release its flagship S3 in black – that is if the Samsung Olympics Facebook page is anything to go by. At least the iPhone isn't famous for coming in black. Oh, wait… [Unwired View]

Bring out the big guns – Now we have bought some pretty crazy things on Amazon – TechRadar must be the only site to have a sack of 1,160 tea bags under its desk – but we've never bought a gun online. Neither had Seth Horvitz, that is until he ordered a TV from the electronics retailer and got an assault rifle sent to him instead. Never will he be able to quote Wayne's World's "You bought me a gun rack" line ever again. [Wired UK]

Pinter's print test of a pint rest – Pinterest, the site that piqued many a web users' interest for all of 10 minutes has announced that you no longer need an invitation to join. Expect a whole host of penis pins to go up 3,2,1… [PC World]

Pit a pocket or two – Classic swinger game (not that sort of swinger) Pitfall is now out on iOS, meaning that 30 years of classic gaming has now been distilled into one handy to use app. Fantastic stuff. [iTunes App Store]

Taking stock - Google has decided that stock image libraries are the next thing it is going to crush under its steel fist, with news that it wants Google Plus users to help it choose the right stock images it will offer free in Google Drive. We just hope you all choose the 'sad clown' like us. [Google Plus]

Real-life on Mars – It turns out Total Recall was right – humans will walk on Mars and it will happen within a generation. This is according to Lord Rees of Ludlow, Britain's Astronomer Royal. Unfortunately he says nothing about three-boobed ladies making the transition to Mars as well. [Telegraph]

Gaming the system - Disney has announced a new web portal for its casual games, allowing you to play a whole load of Disney-branded games through your browser. While predominately for kids, some of the games have dubious titles. Trappin' the Backson, Woody's Big Escape, Honey Harvest and Timon and Pumba's Grub Ridin' all sound like double entendres to us but we are sure it's all just harmless fun. [Disney]

Mario madness – It may have only been released but New Super Mario Bros 2 users have already clocked up 10 billion coins in the game. A game that's only been released in Japan so far. Something tells us, this latest Mario adventure is going to be rather popular. [Kotaku]

Kids only Netflix's Just For Kids section has finally made its way to the Xbox 360. Predominately for children under the age of 12, titles include: Barney, Miley Cyrus, Power Rangers, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Dora the Explorer. All of which are pretty good fun to watch if you are a blind-drunk adult at three in the morning as well. [PR]

It's going to cost ya – to make sure that it is as open as possible in its services, Audi has announced a new web service where you can watch mechanics work on your car when you put it in for a service. Sounds riveting. [Cool Smartphone]

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