One More Thing: Apple buys another apple

One More Thing: Apple buys an apple
Crunchy, juicy, delicious - bit monochrome though

Granny Smith - Apple has bought the logo and trademark for Apple Corps, the Beatles' company. If we're not careful, we'll one day wake up to find Apple has bought the rights to actual apples, and all the apple trees in the world have been relocated to Cupertino. You'll be able to buy an Apple Fruit™ but it'll cost you £500 or £36 a month on a 32 month financing deal. [Patently Apple]

Speaking of – Guess who Tim Cook blames for slow iPad sales in the last quarter? The whole internet! It's all because of the rumour mill, apparently. And here was us thinking the perpetual rumour-cycle was all free marketing for the company. [Telegraph]

Very very frightening - This might not come as much consolation to Apple but it looks like some cheapo knock-off Lightning cables are on their way, if you want to risk your £700 iPhone on a £7 cable. [BGR]

No, Mr Bond. I expect you to stay two-dimensional - Okay, we tried and we failed to shoe-horn this story into some kind of 007-quote, but basically a Bond producer says there'll never be a 3D Bond movie. [Pocket-Lint]

Windows L8 - There may have been queues at the Tottenham Court Road PC World (we can't confirm that they weren't largely made up of DSGI staff though) but it looks like Windows 8 has got off to a slow start, in London at least. The Inquirer popped to Currys and PC World on Oxford Street at lunchtime today and was told they were yet to sell a single Windows 8 device. [Inquirer]

Page turner - Despite the rise of tablets, smartphones, notebooks and, yknow, the internet, over two million pages were printed in Europe, the Middle East and Africa every minute in 2011, according to IDC. RIP trees. [PR]

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