LG pimps out its Piccadilly Circus giant LED screen

They are obviously not thinking of the 'one in four get divorced' statistic
They are obviously not thinking of the 'one in four get divorced' statistic

LG has announced it's letting the public take control of its LED screen in Piccadilly Circus, hoping that they will use it to share some of 'Life's Good' moments.

The idea is that people will upload photographs of nights out (safe for work, mind!), your baby's first steps or anything that qualifies to you as proving that life's good – which just so happens to be what LG stands for (at the moment). Clever, LG. Clever.

Public image

Although it's essentially a branding campaign, it's clear to see why LG is using its LED screen for promotions like this. Bear in mind that BT has erected its own giant LED screen to promote the 2012 Olympics on its colossal tower in the centre of London.

LG is obviously vetting the images before they go live. It is doing this via a gallery on the LG website (www.lge.co.uk/piccadilly).

Upload your life-affirming images there, and the public then votes on which images it would like to see on the (very) big screen.

If you receive the most votes, then your image will be shown.

There are also prizes involved, although LG hasn't actually told us what prizes they are. We're hoping you will be able to win a unicorn and a piece of the Moon.

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