Fetch! Dog runs with help of 3D-printed prosthetics

Derby 3D Prosthetic
Who's a good boy?

A warning for dog lovers: the video below is guaranteed to hit you right in feels.

3D printing created a hand for a toddler, and now it has created legs for a dog.

A dog named Derby, to be precise, who was born with deformed front paws, but thanks to some helpful 3D prosthetics has now been able to enjoy walking and running for the first time. This has unlocked a whole new world of delightful – and if we're honest probably not so delightful – smells for Derby to explore.

With help from the 3D printing experts at 3D Systems, a variety of 3D technologies were used to customise Derby's prosthetics. By employing 3D printing it was possible to customise Derby's moulds and trial different prosthetic types without the prohibitive levels of time and effort required for hand sculpting.

As 3D Systems' Director, CJP Project Management, Tara Anderson explains in the video, the company's Projet 5500 line's ability to run dual materials was important to achieving a positive outcome for Derby. It enables customisation of the materials to attain precisely the response needed (i.e. just the right amount of spring in Derby's prosthetic step).

Check out the video below.

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